Dotcom considers citizenship, run for Parliament

  • 07/06/2014

Kim Dotcom has revealed he will try and get citizenship and stand for Parliament at the next election.

Dotcom made the surprise announcement as he held an X-Factor-like audition to select Internet Party candidates.

The event was filmed on five cameras, live on the Internet. It was a diverse bunch. Dotcom stole their thunder, announcing he wants to stand for Parliament. 

"If I had citizenship I would definitely stand myself," says Dotcom.

Candidates put through their paces, even having to debate bizarre topics, like paper cuts and why the All Blacks jersey should be yellow. Even hip-hop artist King Kapisi is standing.

The chances of any Internet candidates getting in rely on Hone Harawira winning his Te Tai Tokerau seat.

Internet Party leader Laila Harre was defensive when asked whether Labour should do a deal to give him an easy ride.

"Labour need to consider their options," she says.

Ms Harre says she will ring Labour leader David Cunliffe at some point.

"I welcome the opportunity to talk through how we can collaborate in the interests of producing a new government," she says. "TV3 have been trying to get me to ask Labour to do a deal; I'm not going to make that request."

So the Dotcom political saga rolls on, now even he saying he would one day like to stand for Parliament. But that could all come to an abrupt end, with Dotcom's extradition hearing set down for next month.

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source: newshub archive