Key: 'I'll apologise on TV if Collins is sacked'

  • 13/05/2014

John Key says he will apologise on national television if information New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has about Judith Collins leads to her resignation.

Mr Peters claims he has new information on Ms Collins which will leave Mr Key with no choice but to sack the Justice Minister over her links to Oravida.

But the Prime Minister has promised he will say sorry if he is proven wrong over Ms Collins.

"If he's right and she's forced to resign or sacked as a minister, I'll be going in public television to apologise. Of course it'll be fantastic to see Winston Peters apologising if he's wrong by next Monday as well."

Mr Peters will ask Mr Key a question in the House this afternoon about the Collins and Oravida affair, where is expected to produce more information about the ongoing saga.

Ms Collins has been on leave since last week for a "refresher" following constant questions by media and Opposition MPs about her now controversial ministerial trip to China in October last year.

3 News will be livestreaming question time in the House which is set to begin at 2pm.

3 News 

source: newshub archive