Poll: 52 pct say Key too relaxed about job

  • 15/10/2012

By Political Editor Duncan Garner

Prime Minister John Key says Labour Party leader David Shearer “needs to put up or shut up” over the claim a talk about Kim Dotcom was captured on camera at the GCSB spy agency.

So does Mr Shearer have any evidence? Does he have the tape?

“We do not have the tape in our hands,” says Mr Shearer.

Certainly Mr Key doesn't rule out saying something about Dotcom in the February visit to the GCSB.

But Mr Shearer has yet to provide any evidence.

“It doesn't matter whether the video is there or not,” says Mr Shearer.

“He has nothing at all,” says Mr Key.

Mr Key says he first heard about the GCSB's involvement in the Dotcom case in mid-September, but if it's true he spoke of Dotcom in the February visit Mr Shearer says that changes everything.

“Did he know about the GCSB's involvement in Dotcom,” asks Mr Shearer. “We still have not a had a straight answer from Mr Key.”

Opposition parties want an independent inquiry into the Dotcom saga. We asked voters what they think in our latest 3 News-Reid Research poll.

Fifty percent say yes to a full independent inquiry, 43 percent say don't bother, and 7 percent do not know.

“I don't want an inquiry,” says Mr Key.

The Prime Minister's recall of events during the saga has been poor, so we asked if he is too relaxed about his job as Prime Minister.

Fifty-two percent say yes, 45 percent say no, and 3 percent have no opinion.

So this saga continues tomorrow when the Prime Minister must correct his misleading statements in Parliament. It won't be comfortable for him. But equally, Mr Shearer would love a tape to turn up of the Prime Minister talking about Dotcom. Without it, he looks vulnerable.

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source: newshub archive