Russel Norman target of Shane Jones' anti-Aussie rant

  • 12/03/2014

Labour's attempt to muzzle its outspoken MP, Shane Jones, has lasted less than a day.

Mr Jones was told off by his leader for comparing Green MP Gareth Hughes to a screeching bird.

Today he took a shot at Green co-leader Russel Norman, saying he will not be lectured on the environment by an Australian.

Seemingly to prove he cannot be silenced, he let rip at Dr Norman, extending the anti-Australian attack he has used against Countdown to the Australian-born MP.

"I'm not going to have an Australian running the New Zealand Green Party, lecturing me about environment and economics in the north," says Mr Jones.

Dr Norman launched a counter-attack, accusing Mr Jones of copying Prime Minster John Key.

"The Prime Minister does it quite a lot; he's also very critical of migrants," says Dr Norman. "It turns out a part of the Labour Party doesn't like migrants either. Every time Mr Jones opens his mouth the Green Party vote goes up, so I encourage Mr Jones to speak out."

Mr Jones was told to keep his mouth shut by Labour's new chief of staff, Matt McCarten.

Mr Jones tried to be a team player, telling 3 News he had "to go and deal with the boredom of tax legislation", but could not resist driving another wedge between Labour and the Greens.

"I like what David Cunliffe said on our behalf yesterday – Winston first."

Mr Jones was told not to insult the Greens. He tried, but could not keep his mouth shut. Now he has framed the party as having a squawking seagull, led by an Australian.

The Greens told 3 News they are not worried. In their words: "Shane Jones is Labour's problem."

3 News

source: newshub archive