Hobsonville tornado destroys houses

  • 06/12/2012

Severe weather has caused widespread damage to houses in west Auckland, including an air force housing block in Wallingford Way, Hobsonville.

Kendal Johnson had been assisting a friend clean up his property and sent in these photos.

She said the road was littered with debris, making it hard for motorists to get through.

“We had to stop halfway down the road because there was so much rubbish,” she said.

Ms Johnson said the mess was made worse because it was rubbish day in the street. 

Her friend’s mother had taken shelter in a wardrobe during the storm because the house’s windows were shaking so much.

“She started seeing pot plants flying and had to jump for cover,” said Ms Johnson.

“It was just mess everywhere! It was kind’ve shocking. Even items from inside the house had managed to fly out the window.”

Ms Johnson said several houses in the street were missing parts of their rooves.

Emergency crews were going door to door, checking that no one was hurt.

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source: newshub archive

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