Kim Dotcom kicks off Targa Rally

  • 30/10/2013

Kim Dotcom opened the grounds of his mansion to the public today to kick off the annual Targa Rally.

But the king of the information superhighway is not able to race.

"I have a little tear in my eye looking at all of this, knowing my cars are stashed somewhere in the garage and I can't have them," says Dotcom.

While he continues to fight for the return of the car collection seized during last year's police raid, Targa has lost Tony Quinn, unbeaten since 2009, with business commitments forcing him to pull out. That withdrawal has opened the door for rivals like Auckland's Clark Proctor.

"You don't get that many opportunities to compete against people of that calibre, so it's disappointing, but it does remove a serious threat," says Proctor.

Although the 650 kilometres of closed stages are often enough of a threat.

"It's the coolest street racing event in the world," says Dotcom. "Where else can you just go fast and burn your tyres?"

And just to rub it in, the rally leaves from Dotcom's driveways, bound for New Plymouth tomorrow morning.

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source: newshub archive

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