Meningococcal survivor meets Nitro Circus hero

  • 03/02/2013

A speed-loving young girl who lost her limbs after suffering from meningococcal disease as a baby has had a special treat.

Charlotte Cleverley-Bisman relies on wheels for mobility, and last night at the Nitro Circus met a man called Wheels who does amazing aerial stunts in his wheelchair.

Charlotte loves speed, and her hero is Aaron "Wheels" Fotheringham – the wheelchair-bound daredevil from the Nitro Circus.

Charlotte was in for a big night, meeting Wheels and later seeing him perform a spectacular stunt complete with fireworks and a wobbly ending.

“She's got a great energy too,” says Wheels. “Nothing's holding her back. You're only as disabled as you feel.”

Nine-year-old Charlotte lost her limbs after suffering meningococcal disease as a baby.

“She's a thrill seeker and a petrol head from way back, and she loves anything that moves and goes fast,” says father Perry Bisman. “So being here today is a real special treat for her. Thank you Wheels.”

Wheels Fotheringham has spina bifida, but that's never held him back.

You'd have to say it's not a job for everyone. In one stunt he took a high-speed spill, but with no harm done.

The skill and resilience of Wheels helped a young girl have the night of her life.

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source: newshub archive

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