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No slowing down for Team New Zealand

Tuesday 27 Nov 2012 5:47 p.m.

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By Greg Pearson

Team New Zealand are nearing the end of their first stage of AC 72 sailing, with just six of the 30 days remaining with their first boat. But that doesn't mean things are slowing down.

They might be sailing the boat faster and steadier than anyone else, but there's still plenty for Team New Zealand to learn about the AC 72.

“It's just one of those things," says skipper Dean Barker. "These boats are so new. Every day you go sailing you come back with more questions than answers. You might tick one thing off but there are other things that spring up.”

But sometimes those answers make the hard work worthwhile.

“We discovered something yesterday," says managing director Grant Dalton. "We didn't know if we could or not and we could. We're going so much faster if we can develop that. So we'll never ever, ever go to the America's Cup thinking we've scratched the surface of these boats.”

Even though this is only day 24 on the water for the boat, it's actually reaching the end of its lifespan. The second boat is already under construction, and that's the boat the team hopes will win the America's Cup.

Not that it's something they are thinking about yet.

“It's never talked about, our chances or how we might go. It's just an energy to keep the programme on schedule as much as we can,” says Dalton.

And that means making the most of their six remaining days with this boat.

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