NRL Nines: Molihan and Ackerman's grudge match

  • 13/02/2014

Firstline sports anchor Sam Ackerman and Channel 7 rugby league reporter Patrick Molihan have been lining up against each other for years – but this weekend for the first time, they'll do so on the field.

Ackerman and Molihan will take part in the New Zealand media versus Australian media charity touch game at the NRL Auckland Nines on Sunday.

The touch-not-tackle match will feature several big-name former players now involved in media, as well as rugby league reporters from both sides of the Tasman.

Speaking from the Nines breakfast this morning, Molihan took the opportunity to wind up an already nervous Ackerman.

"I've heard they've changed the rules; it's actually a bit like UFC and, you know, it is tackle.

"I can't wait for that, Sam."

The Australian side is expected to feature Gorden Tallis, Andrew Johns and Wendell Sailor, while Stacey Jones and Monty Betham will take the field for the Kiwis.

"I was pretty happy with some of the players that they've roped in for our side," Molihan said.

And in a parting shot for Ackerman this morning, Molihan warned: "just remember mate, they can't run without heads".

The charity match will take place before the NRL Nines Grand Final, at 6:30pm Sunday.

Watch the video for the full interview with Patrick Molihan.

Australian team:

  • Andrew Johns, Captain, (Rugby League Week ‘Immortal’)
  • Gorden Tallis (Qld Origin, Australia)
  • Wendell Sailor (Qld Origin, Australia)
  • Danny Buderus (NSW Origin, Australia)
  • Steve Turner (ex Melbourne/Bulldogs premiership winning winger)
  • Brent Read (reporter, The Australian)
  • Michael Chammas (reporter, Sydney Morning Herald)
  • Josh Massoud (reporter, The Daily Telegraph)
  • David Riccio (reporter, The Daily Telegraph)
  • Pat Molihan (reporter, Channel 7)
  • Shannon Byrne (reporter, ABC  Radio)
  • Steve Hart (reporter, Fox Sports News)
  • Tony Adams (reporter, RLW’s ‘The Mole’)

NZ team:

  • Stacey Jones, Captain, (Sky Sport, ex NZ Test player)
  • Sam Ackerman (Firstline sports anchor, The League Fix host)
  • Richie Barnett  (reporter, NZ Herald/SKY TV, ex NZ Test player)
  • Jenny May Coffin (reporter, TV 1 News, ex Silver Fern netball player)
  • Monty Betham (SKY Sport, ex NZ Test player)
  • Wairangi Koopu (Sky Sport/Maori TV, ex NZ Test player)
  • Karl Te Nana (reporter, SKY TV/ Maori TV, ex NZ Sevens player)
  • Sam Ackerman (reporter, TV 3 News)
  • Nickson  Clark (Mai FM breakfast host)
  • Sam Wallace (TV 1 Breakfast)
  • James McConie  (Prime TV)
  • Bryce Casey (The Rock Breakfast host)
  • Dominic Harvey (The Edge Breakfast host)

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source: newshub archive

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