VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: All Blacks V Ireland, International rugby 2012

  • 23/06/2012

By Louis Anderson-Rich

Hello and welcome to Waikato Stadium in Hamilton where the All Blacks will be hosting Ireland in the third and final test of the series.

After the All Blacks got out of jail last weekend in Christchurch last weekend, there is sure to be some sort of backlash from the men in black. However with no Dan Carter the Irish will be hopeful they can go one better than last week and tip up the world champs.

We’ll bring you video live updates throughout the match, including video highlights of all the big plays and tries.

Make sure you refresh your page occasionally. We’ll add VIDEO COMING SOON when we’re cutting the highlights and VIDEO UP when it’s ready to be viewed.


LIVE COMMENTARY: All Blacks 60 – 0 Ireland

80 Min: All Blacks scrum…which Weepu gives to Barrett who kicks it ahead which has been picked up by Kearney…Ireland still endeavour to get some points in this match…Raddan goes to Sexton on to O’Gara and McFadden is in some space but the All Blacks have turned it over and the whistle blows for full time!

79 Min: Ireland continue to battle at the line and the All Blacks continue to hold their line superbly and they eventually force a knock on from Reddan.

75 Min: Ireland finally with an opportunity as they break down the left side but Barrett has gotten back well to tackle…Reddan plays it to O’Gara who gives it to Ryan but he is tied up…now O’Driscoll to Kearney…And Ireland eventually concee the penalty.

73 Min: Barrett lands the 2.

72 Min: Ireland have only ever been held scoreless twice, so I’m sure they will try to prevent it from this being a third time…but it’s not looking good as Adam Thomson goes over for a TRY! VIDEO UP

70 Min: The young Cane comes off for Thomson, what a night he’s had.

69 Min: Messam off the back of a maul works the blindside, Weepu with a little waited kick and plenty of black jerseys in pursuit but the ball just dribbles out.

68 Min: Penalty from Barrett is slack and doesn’t find touch. Ireland clear it downfield…All Blacks lineout on the 10 metre line.

67 Min: Ireland with the ball on their 22. No look pass goes to Kearney…now Reddan gives it out wide to O’Gara who goes to Healy who puts a kick over…Israel Dagg retrieves it and the All Blacks eventually win a penalty.

64 Min: Barrett adds the 2.

63 Min: Ireland take a quick kick but can’t seem to go anywahere and so they stab a kick through, picked up by Weepu and punted away down field…Ireland come back with the ball but the All Blacks have turned it over and now its SBW with some room, he nudes a great kick through and it’s Israel Dagg in pursuit who was just before hobbling about but he’s got the gas! Dagg picks it up and scores! TRY! VIDEO UP

62 Min: All Blacks come at the Ireland defence again…but they concede a penalty, and it appears Israel Dagg is down.

58 Min: Beauden Barrett hits the upright so no conversion.

57 Min: All Blacks inside the Ireland 22 now with a short line out…Mealamu, on for Hore, throws to Rettalick, on for Whitelock…Smith plays a nice wrap around with Smith and Gear takes the tackle…now it’s Aaron Smith he’s involved again he’s popped it up to Messam! Messam with a great run at through the line and he goes over! TRY! VIDEO UP

56 Min: Ireland can’t seem to find a way through so O’Gara stabs a little kick through and it will be an All Black line out on their own 22…Aaron Smith’s kick is charged down but it falls to Barrett who puts in a good kick downfield…and an effort from Kearney to keep it in hasn’t been successful so the All Blacks will have a line out almost on halfway.

55 Min: Sexton plays it flat to O’Mahoney but he is shovelled into touch.

54 Min: So Irish players dropping like flies at the moment…they have the ball on the ten metre line though…Kearney is back on and back into the action…

52 Min: All Blacks turn the ball over again…Romano in centre field…Dagg gets involved and has a run at the line…O’Brien wins a penalty for Ireland after the All Blacks failed to roll away.

51 Min: And Keith Earls has had to go off because off that big ‘don’t argue’ fend from Gear.

50 Min: Best has overthrown a lineout on halfway and it’s been picked up by Cane who shovels it on to SBW, now out on the wing to Gear! He’s in plenty of space! Gets boxed in about 10 metres out from the line by a few Ireland defenders now but he puts the fend on one of them and finds the gap and goes over the line! TRY! VIDEO UP

47 Min: Irelands with the ball on the All Blacks 22…penalised for hands in the ruck. Sexton kicks for touch…Ireland win the lineout and go blindside but Best is tackled into touch.

43 Min: Barrett lands the 2.

42 Min: Bit of push and shove between Sexton and Dagg at a breakdown…Ireland with the scrum which they win…Murray kicks downfiled and it’s fielded by Dagg who goes to SBW and on to Gear…All Blacks working blindside now…wayward pass to Whitelock loses a bit of All Blacks momentum…Now Messam on the edge of the 22, he finds a gap right through the centre! Goes inside to Cane who juggles it over and puts it down! TRY! VIDEO UP

41 Min: we’re back underway as Barrett restarts…

40 Min: Barrett kicks the 3 from the resulting penalty and that’s halftime!

40 Min: Murray with a high kick which is picked up by Gear who does well…All Blacks come away with it as Smith gives it off to Cane…to Conrad Smith back to Aaron Smith and now SBW to Franks…Siren has gone…Smith goes to Barrett cut out pass to Hore who gets it to SBW, he goes wide to Ben Smith on to Messam…Williams again, to Woodcock who takes it into centre field…now Barrett..Aaron Smith to Williams who plays a great cutout pass to Ben Smith but that’s been knocked down, and it seems to be intentional from Kearney and the ref has given him a yellow card! VIDEO COMING SOON

40 Min: All Blacks win their lineout, Smith makes some good distance up the middle and it goes out to the wing with Dagg to Messam and then Cruden, now Gear on the left but he is put into touch.

39 Min: So Best to throw on his own 22…Murray kicks it away as soon as he gets.

37 Min: O’Mahoney off the back goes to Murray, now Healy…Murray to big Donnacha Ryan, ball is very slow though and the All Blacks are able to re-arrange…Now Ireland manage to string a few passes together…but the All Blacks line of defence is always there as Ireland only manage to just make it to the 10 metre line but now Ryan has made the big break up the centre! He has no one in support and just manages to pass it back to a slow moving Touhy…Balls been turned over though and it comes to Barrett who kicks it away downfield.

35 Min: Best throws and Ireland bring it down, Sexton now, goes inside to Earls but he is hit hard and loses the ball forward. McCaw picks it up and goes on a run…But they concede a penalty on halfway.

34 Min: Scrum is very messy and Ireland will get the ball back…Ireland have given the ball away as Aaron Smith pounced on it, he passes on to Barrett who manages to get a kick away down field.

31 Min: It appears Cruden will not be coming back on to the field, we will keep you up to date on how serious the injury is.

30 Min: Ireland go deep with the lineout and it’s gone a little too deep and Smith is there to pounce but he has lost it…Ireland come away with the ball and they look to recycle fast, Sexton gives it to Wallace who has a big hit put on him by Beauden Barrett. Ireland still with the ball, 9th phase…They’ve made it into the 22 but the AB’s defence is very strong…Kearney has managed to find a gap though! Ireland now 6 metres out…Touhy picks it up and tries to go the short route over…Ireland with an advantage…Murray shifts it to Sexton who goes wide to O’Driscoll and there are men out to his left but he’s dropped the ball! So we will come back for the penalty and Ireland are going to take a 5 metre scrum.

29 Min: Scrum to Ireland is very strong and the AB’s front row collapses so Sexton will kick for touch.

28 Min: Ireland on the counter attack here and the field has opened up but Sam Cane makes a fantastic tackle and makes the turnover…All Blacks eventually knock it on though.

27 Min: Ireland scrum 22 metres out…Murray sends it to Sexton who gives it to Best who has spotted a gap! But the ref calls play back for an obstruction.

26 Min: Word on Cruden is a blood bin for him so he might just get a couple of stitches and jump back on.

23 Min: So Dagg misses the 2 and in the aftermath of that try Cruden has limped off down the tunnel, and Barrett has come on for his first time in the black jersey…

22 Min: Loose ball from the resulting lineout though and here is Ireland in their best position all night. They’re 22 metres out and flick it out to the opposite wing, pass has been intercepted though! It’s Cruden who comes away with it! He has the legs! Gives it to Conrad Smith who shovels it on unselfishly to Ben Smith! TRY! VIDEO UP

21 Min: Ireland with a scrum in a good position now…All Blacks twisting the scrum and Smith almost gets to it but Ireland come away with it…Murray goes blind to Cian Healy…Ireland start to work the otherside and it’s come to Sexton who plays O’Driscoll , he looks for a cut out pass but it’s not good and it goes past McFadden into touch…

19 Min: Change of goalkicker as Cruden is limping at the moment so here is Dagg…he bangs the 2 over.

18 Min: All Blacks win their line out and there’s Williams and Cruden linking up again to release Gear in some space. He’s tackled over on that left flank, AB’s five metres out…Smith to Whitelock and then Franks…Smith again gets it to Cruden who goes inside to SBW Who crashes over! TRY! VIDEO UP

17 Min: Drop out goes long and it’s taken by Messam who gives it off to Smith for his first real chance with the ball…Now Aaron Smith gets it to Williams who gets it back inside to Cruden who puts in a nice little kick, doesn’t go out and Keith Earls has to scarper back and clear it.

15 Min: Ireland’s lineout is strong again…Ireland come away with it and it’s Sexton but he’s hit hard in a tackle and knocks it on, All Blacks with the ball in Ireland’s half…SBW running strongly again and he seems to get hit with a head-high which isn’t called…Ireland eventually called for offside. Cruden to kick the penalty…That one has drifted well wide of the posts.

13 Min: And Cruden converts.

12 Min: McCaw off the back who gives it to Smith, passes to Cruden who spots a gap! He makes some ground, gets the offload away to SBW! And he runs it over the line! TRY! VIDEO UP

11 Min: Cruden kicks for touch and makes good distance…All Blacks lineout taken quickly…Liam Messam plays a pass which Touhy gets a hand to from an offside position. Scrum All Blacks.

9 Min: Ireland progressing with the ball at the moment…good run from Ryan…slowed down at the breakdown a bit now…Murray to O’Driscoll who tries to put it behind his back to McFadden but they aren’t on the same wavelength…Ireland concede a penalty.

6 Min: Cruden lands the 2.

5 Min: Ireland scrum form continues on from the second, it’s very strong…Sexton has kicked it down the middle of the park and Dagg gets I under control. He puts up a very high bomb and the All Blacks have come away with it All Blacks now only twenty metres away….Cruden goes to McCaw in the No. 8 jersey. Cruden again to Williams who gets an offload away but that’s shut down quickly by Ireland. Andrew Hore fights his way a couple of metres…Cruden to Whitelock tries to bat it off to Smith which somehow comes off…now Williams again out on the right, Cruden, to Sam Cane who goes over the line! TRY! VIDEO UP

4 Min: Another good lineout from Ireland…long time at the breakdown, and the All Blacks have turned it over, Cruden turns it back inside to Cane who goes on a decent wrong, powering his way through a few Irishman but he knocks it on in the end.

3 Min: Ireland’s lineout is good and Best finds Ryan who goes high, Hosea Gear is under it and he juggles it about almost losing it forwards but it manages to go back and the All Blacks begin a backline move which ends with SBW going for a kick and chase and kicking it out.

1 Min: So Jonathan Sexton gets us underway! Ireland put pressure on the All Blacks instantly as they win the ball from an Israel Dagg knock-on…Sexton to O’Driscoll who is taken to ground and loses the ball which Luke Romano picks up…ball goes back to Israel Dagg who kicks long but doesn’t find touch. Kearney fields it and punts it back down the other way…Dagg again collects the ball after a little Hosea Gear dash and he finds touch this time.

And now, the Haka…Never fails to get a crowd amped up.

Right lets get these national anthems underway and then some rugby!

New Zealand 1.Luke Woodcock, 2.Andrew Hore, 3.Owen Franks, 4.Luke Romano, 5.Sam Whitelock, 6.Liam Messam, 7.Sam Cane, 8.Richie McCaw (captain), 9.Aaron Smith, 10.Aaron Cruden, 11.Hosea Gear, 12.Sonny Bill Williams, 13.Conrad Smith, 14.Ben Smith, 15.Israel Dagg.
Reserves: 16.Keven Mealamu, 17.Ben Franks, 18.Brodie Retallick, 19.Adam Thomson, 20.Piri Weepu, 21.Beauden Barrett, 22.Tamati Ellison.
Ireland 1.Cian Healy, 2.Rory Best, 3.Mike Ross, 4.Dan Touhy, 5.Donnacha Ryan, 6.Kevin McLaughlin, 7.Sean O'Brien, 8.Peter O'Mahony, 9.Conor Murray, 10.Jonathan Sexton, 11.Keith Earls, 12.Paddy Wallace, 13.Brian O'Driscoll, 14.Fergus McFadden, 15.Rob Kearney.
Reserves: 16.Sean Cronin, 17.Declan Fitzpatrick, 18.Donncha O'Callaghan, 19.Chris Henry, 20.Eoin Reddan, 21.Ronan O'Gara, 22.Andrew Trimble.
Referee: Romain Poite

Pregame banter:

The All Blacks have secured the three-Test series over Ireland but their narrow victory in the second encounter has them hungry for a better performance.

At first glance, Saturday's third New Zealand-Ireland rugby clash might seem like a dead Test with the All Blacks having already secured the series.

But with the home side stung after almost losing the second Test, and Ireland desperate to secure their first victory over the All Blacks after coming so close in Christchurch, the Hamilton game is anything but.

"We were disappointed we didn't perform as well as we did the week before, but we were up against an Irish team that were up a step," All Blacks captain Richie McCaw said.

"We've got to make sure that we progress."

McCaw admits there's been an extra edge to training since the 22-19 scare in Christchurch.

"We thought we had a good week last week but, in hindsight, it didn't have the same feel as the week before," he said.

"It certainly put everyone's feet firmly on the ground."

The Irish players looked deflated in Christchurch after failing to get the win, but assistant coach Les Kiss says they're ready to face a hungrier All Blacks side.

"We've looked to ramp up the areas that we thought we were good in, and make sure we cover some of the areas where we gave them easy possession.

"If we can get on top of those things, it'll be a good game."

Ireland have made three changes to their starting team and the All Blacks six, though both teams had their hand forced by injuries.

The injury to All Blacks five-eighth Dan Carter is on paper the most notable, but Aaron Cruden confidently filled in for him in the World Cup and No.8 Kieran Read's injury might be more significant.

Read's power will be missed, but McCaw has confidence he can do the job at No.8.

"At the end of the day, apart from a little bit of stuff at set piece time, you don't change your game a whole lot."

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