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VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Auckland V Wellington, ITM Cup 2012

Saturday 22 Sep 2012 4:17 p.m.

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By Louis Anderson-Rich

Welcome to Eden Park as we look forward to a top of the table clash between Auckland and Wellington in the ITM Cup Premiership. It’s a still night in Auckland as two teams with recent form look to go top of the lot in the provincial competition.

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LIVE COMMENTARY Auckland 43 – 30 Wellington

80 Min: Wellington are running themselves ragged at the moment trying to get that try that would put them within seven points to get the final bonus point. Sirens gone though! Wellington are ten metres out from the line. Ball’s been turned over and kicked out! Auckland win!

77 Min: Wellington try to run the ball from their try line in a rush of blood to the head and get caught right out in front of the posts. Auckland with a shot at goal to put the game beyond doubt…which he does.


75 Min: Auckland looking for their sixth try as Nathan Hughes sets up Piutau for a crack at the line…Auckland are five out and it’s Mathewson to Anscombe who goes short to Parkes. Auckland go blind side again and it’s Visinia who has the line in front of him, but it’s been knocked out of his hands! Goes back to Mathewson who pops it up to Piutau who dives for the line and scores! Or does he? No it’s judged to have been knocked on.


71 Min: Woodward gets the extras.

70 Min: Wilson takes the tap and now Toomaga-Allen battles his way up to the line but Auckland hold up, ball is recycled to Bateman who hands it off for Leiua from the ground who scores! TRY! VIDEO COMING SOON

68 min: Leiua goes on a nice jaunt through the middle of Auckland’s defence and lays it up for Wilson. Now it’s Sopoaga gets into the Auckland 22…ref calls play back to the penalty.

67 Min: Anscombe from the sideline adds the extra 2 with a great kick.

66 Min: Auckland get the lineout, it’s taken by Luatua…now Parkes, Mathewson out to Lam and he’s got away from one and scoots round into the corner to score the bonus point TRY! VIDEO COMING SOON

64 min: Mathewson feeds the scrum an pick it off the back to go blindside. Auckland inside Wellington’s 22….here is Daniel Braid fighting and muscling his way through. Another penalty given against Wellington this time for offside and it looks like Auckland will go for the try.

63 Min: Wellington trying to work the ball out of their 22. But they’re penalised and Auckland have a scrum.

62 Min: So Auckland with a scrum 5 metres from the tryline. Auckland front row is judged to have stood up so Wellington win the penalty and boot it into touch.

60 Min: Good lineout from Auckland as Amathewson passes off to Moli. Anscombe with it and he goes wide to Thomas who’s 5 metres out. Now Edwards has a crack at the line on the charge. Ref awards Auckland a scrum and there’s another little dispute between players.

59 Min: Gareth Anscombe with a poor drop goal attempt from way out. It’s charged down and cleared away off the side of a Wellington boot and it’s a lineout to Auckland in the Wellington 22…

58 Min: Auckland stringing a few phases together, Luatua almost breaks the line and then gets an offload away but it goes loose, Auckland retain it and now Piutau chips over the top but it’s gone straight down Proctor’s throat. He’s tackled awkwardly though and can’t release it. Another penalty to Auckland.

55 Min: Coles throws for Wellington and Auckland turn it over. Anscombe goes wide to Fekitoa, but Wellington have gotten over him and the grubber is put through but finds touch, which Auckland take quickly.

54 Min: Auckland with the ball in centrefield but they’ve lost it and Wellington look to counter through Jeremy Thrush. Wellington eventually get a penalty after not really going anywhere.

53 Min: Now Bateman bursts through the middle and very almost gets away, but it’s been turned over by Auckland and Hadleigh Parkes puts a kick in behind, Proctor gets back and makes a useful kick into touch.

52 Min: Wellington running it from their own 22, it’s Alapati Leiua looking dangerous down that left side.

51 Min: Anscombe adds the extras this time.

50 Min: Auckland with the ball up on the 10 metre line, Mathewson goes short to Fekitoa. Auckland work the other side and it’s Thomas who gains some ground, he’s made it up to the 22…Piutau bustles inside the 22 and Savea gives away a penalty this time which Anscombe will kick at goal from a failry comfortable position.

47 Min: Anscombe pulls this penalty away to the left.

46 Min: Wellington put up a massive up and under and Piutau comes to claim it magnificently and then breaks the first tackle. And Wellington give away another penalty for not releasing, Anscombe will kick at goal. Wellington need to tighten up around the ruck as they are being punished.

45 Min: Anscombe with the penalty shot at goal…which he lands.

44 Min: Auckland up on the halfway line, Mathewson finds Lam who beaks the first tackle and almost skips around the second…another loose pass almost intercepted but instead is knocked away…Wellington counter with Ngatai who takes it a few metres, and then doesn’t release. Penalty to Auckland.

41 Min: Woodwards conversion comes off the post and doesn’t make it through.

40 Min: Wellington get the second half underway. And they’ve got a lineout. Which they win well, backline move spreads over to the left wing and it’s Alapati Leuia with pace! TRY! VIDEO COMING SOON


Fantastic half here in Auckland and there’s definitely more to come when we’re back for the second half!

40 Min: There goes the siren as the conversion is put to the side by Woodward.


38 Min: Wellington with the ball in midfield and here’s Ardie Savea driving ahead. He’s tackled and the bal lgoes back infield and is dropped cold by Reddish, ball back with Auckland and Piutau has the job of clearing it…now Wellington build an attack and it’s Bateman to Treeby who weaves his way through the Auckland line. Now it’s Ngatai with a wonderful kick and chase and he’s gone over! Great TRY! VIDEO COMING SOON

36 Min: Anscombe lands the conversion.

35 Min: Auckland with a lineout on the 22…won by van der Heijden, Auckland form the maul and Moli hodls it at the back, this drive is amazing! From the 22 they’ve surged through the Wellington defence and Moli goes over for a try! VIDEO COMING SOON

34 Min: Alapati Leuia is smashed in a tackle by Parkes and Auckland have turned it over. Mathewson with a weak box kick goes to no one, ref pulls the play back for an Auckland penalty which is kicked into touch.

33 Min: Jason Woodward with the penalty kick…he nails it.


32 Min: Wellington win the throw, Wilson goes to, no he’s dummied and he’s gone himself…and he’s been held up. Wellington scrum…my apologies Wellington penalty, referee was playing an advantage.

31 Min: Auckland in a bit of trouble at the back. Dave Thomas is back there scrambling the ball away. Three Wellington players are all over hi and they’ve turned it over. Auckland concede the penalty though, a bit of a let off, and Wellington hoof it into touch. They’re 5 metres from Auckland’s tryline let’s see what they can do…

28 Min: Well looking at the replays and in the lead up to the try, Piutau’s pass inside to Fekitoa was in fact forward. Wellington should field hard done by considering they also have a player in the bin. Anscombe converts.

27 Min: This Auckland lineout is much better. Mathewson goes to Piutau who puts a kick in downfield. Wellington kick it right back and now Here’s Luatua through the middle linking up well with Piutau who busts through the middle! He’s in some space, finds Fekitoa! He’s made it five metres from the line. Mathewson there in support and throws it right into a retreating Dane Coles. Offside surely?! It is! It’s a penalty try! And there’s some afters including a yellow card! VIDEO COMING SOON

26 Min: Auckland overthrow their lineout badly and Wellington now have the ball. Proctor goes hard at Thomas over on the right wing. Proctor is eventually shown into touch though.

25 Min: Mathewson givces the ball to Anscombe from the back of the scrum and Anscombe is inplenty of space. He’s finally tackled and now it’s Moli, to McCartney…Anscombe frees it off to Parkes who throws a big pass over to the left wing and Ngatai comes very close to intercepting it! He got his hands on it but just couldn’t hold it. Auckland scramble to clear.


24 Min: …and get up to the Auckland 22 until they lose the ball forward.

23 Min: Wellington regather their own restart…

22 Min: Anscombe adds the extras.

21 Min; Drop out falls to Piutau who runs up through the middle. Now it’s Francis MOli on the left side, flings it back inside for Dave Thomas….now Piutau pops up again through the middle of the park, gets tackled, drops off a wonderful offload to Gareth Anscombe who dots down! TRY! VIDEO COMING SOON

20 Min: Anscombe pulls up just short with the attempt.

19 Min: Auckland win a penalty just in front of halfway. Looks like Anscombe will have a pop from a fair distance. Well placed out in front however so it’s a decent chance.

18 Min: Strong scrum from Auckland and Mathewson clears it out, throws it very high to Nathan Hughes and the ball is lost forward and banged downfield by Shaun Treeby.

16 Min: Frae Wilson let’s the ball fall through his arms from the restart and knocks it on. Good pressure from Auckland.

15 Min: Jason Woodward with his second kick of the night…which is successful.

14 Min: Wellington regather their restart and now it’s Dane Coles who tries to get through a gap, ball goes back to Treeby who puts his head down and has a crack. Quick recycle ball from Wellington here…Auckland’s defence holding around the 22 metre mark well…now some space for Treeby. He’s shut down.Toomaga-Allen gets involved again and lays off a brilliant pass to Fuglistaller, Piutau with the tackle and the offside steal from the ruck, which wasn’t actually formed but sort of had been. Tough luck Charles.

12 Min: So the penalty is from right out in front of the sticks and now there is a chance for Gareth Anscombe to score his 100th point of the season…which he does. Ansocombe remains the highest points scorer in the competition this season.

11 Min: Referee blasts the teams at scrum time as ‘ugly’. Which is about right. Let’s see who will win the beauty contest this time…and it’s Auckland who get the quick tap. Mathewson gives it off to Anscombe who tries to put Piutau in some space on the wing. Now the charge from Angus Ta’avao. Wellington eventually pinged for offside.

10 Min: Wellington with the ball now…Mathewson’s getting himself in and about the ruck. Ball’s been turned over from his persistence but Auckland throw a forward pass in their haste to counter.

9 Min: Auckland with a maul just past halfway. Toomaga-Allen gets involved and steals the ball away though, but he is shuffled out and Mathewson and Toomaga-Allen exchange some words.

8 Min: Wellington restart is very high…ball with Anscombe who kick downfield, taken by Alapati Leiua…now it’s Bateman with a high bomb which is easily read by Charles Piutau. He tries a little chip and chase and the ball goes out along with the linesman who’s taken out by Frae Wilson.

6 Min: Auckland looking to get straight back in the match with a good tackle on Ngatai from the restart, Auckland win the penalty after he failed to release. Anscombe with the penalty kick…Which he lands.


4 Min: Woodward converts the try from the sideline.

3 Min: Wellington with some good positioning now, they’ve muscled their way up to the 22…Savea takes it up to 5 metres from the line and now it’s Toomaga-Allen driving at the line on the right wing! TRY! VIDEO COMING SOON

2 Min: First lineout of the game for Auckland is good…Mathewson feeds it up to McCartney. Wellington win the first penalty of the game.

1 Min: Auckland’s Gareth Anscombe gets us started at Eden Park! Ball claimed by Julien Savea’s brother Ardie…Wellington look to run the ball out from their 22 and it’s Jason Woodward shuffled into touch by Malaki Fekitoa.

Alright! Teams out on the field let’s get this 129 year rivalry underway!

Decent conditions in Auckland this afternoon. Bit Chilly but nice and dry, plus, the sun has been making a cameo appearance.

Not far away from kick off, stay tuned for live commentary of the match. We will also have progressive HIGHLIGHTS from the match as they happen.

While you wait check out our video from last night’s 83 point thriller as Hawkes Bay edged out Bay of Plenty.


Auckland: 1. Pauliasi Manu, 2. Tom McCartney, 3. Angus Ta'avao, 4. Andrew van der Heijden, 5. Liaki Moli, 6. Steven Luatua, 7. Sean Polwart, 8. Joe Edwards, 9. Alby Mathewson, 10. Gareth Anscombe, 11. Dave Thomas, 12. Hadleigh Parkes (capt), 13. Malakai Fekitoa, 14. Ben Lam, 15.Charles Piutau.
Reserves: 16. Nathan Vella, 17. Ofa Tu'ungafasi, 18. Nathan Hughes, 19. Daniel Braid, 20. Auvasa Faleali'i, 21. Simon Hickey, 22. Lolagi Visinia.
Wellington: 1. Eric Sione, 2. Dane Coles, 3. Jeffrey Toomaga-Allen, 4. Jeremy Thrush (capt), 5. Mark Reddish, 6. Lua Lokotui, 7. Scott Fuglistaller, 8. Ardie Savea, 9. Frae Wilson, 10. Tim Bateman, 11. Matt Proctor, 12. Shaun Treeby, 13. Charlie Ngatai, 14. Alipate Leiua, 15. Jason Woodward.
Reserves: 16. Motu Matu'u, 17. Solomon Sakalia, 18. Kaipati Gaualofa, 19. Genesis Mamea, 20. Kayne Hammington, 21. Ross Filipo, 22. Lima Sopoaga.

Pregame banter:

It’s a classic provincial rivalry at Eden Park this evening as Auckland host Wellington in a top of the table ITM Cup Premiership clash.

Auckland goes into the match coming off a convincing win against Taranaki on Wednesday night.

However the visitors bring their own form to the table, having won four of their last five.

The home side will be without the services of wing George Moala and number eight Peter Saili.

Moala broke his leg in Wednesday night’s win, while Saili, whose been playing with a broken thumb, also sits out.

Wellington field the same side they did against Waikato, the only change seeing Ross Filipo return to the bench after an injury layoff.

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Auckland's Nathan Hughes runs in a try


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