VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Brazil v Portugal, FIFA Under 20 World Cup 2011

  • 20/08/2011

By Michael Oliver

Join the team at for live video updates as Brazil take on Portugal in the final of the 2011 FIFA Under 20 World Cup.

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LIVE COMMENTARY: Brazil 3 – 2 Portugal - EXTRA TIME.

All video up: Great night for Oscar, a star is born. Thanks for tuning in!

FULL TIME: BRAZIL WINS! Three magic goals from Oscar, the first man to score a hat trick in U-20 World Cup final history, have seen Brazil crowned world champions.

26 mins extra time: VIDEO UP: Oscar scores his third of the evening for Brazil. Things are getting desperate for Portugal. They're throwing everything at Brazil. Ooh, wait, Brazil have broken free! The ball shoots up field... it's three on one to Brazil.... NO! They bugger it up somehow! It should've been 4-2.

20 mins extra time: GOAL BRAZIL! Oscar has his hat-trick! Brazil 3 - 2 Portugal.

19 mins extra time: Ball across the goal from Portugal goes far too long.

16 mins extra time: Brazil get the second period of extra time underway.

15 mins extra time: Oooh, close again! Brazil almost go ahead, but Portugal's keeper is wise to it. The first period of extra time is over, and we're still locked at 2-2.

13 mins extra time: Pretty obvious both sides want this game over before going to penalties. But with 16 minutes to go, we're edging closer to that.

5 mins extra time: Incredible chance for Portugal. Caetano in a one-on-one with the Brazil keeper, and mis-cues his shot completely. Easily snapped up.

1 min extra time: Who's going to be the hero of the night? Oliveria? Oscar? Free kick awarded to Brazil for a less-than-harsh challenge on Casemiro.

Well worth mentioning that Portugal have five players on yellow cards, while Brazil only has two. Moments away from the start of extra time. Thirty minutes to go...

Full time: 2-all at the end of the match, and we're heading to extra time.

92 mins: Oooooh, Portugal! So close! Oliveria makes a cross, and all it needed was something to connect with.

88 mins: Silly long shot on goal from Portugal, skies over the net.

86 mins: Both sides are going for broke. Oscar's shot is easily collected by the Portuguese keeper, and moments later, Olivieria's attempt on goal is snatched by the Brazil defence.

82 mins: VIDEO UP: Oscar's equaliser for Brazil. Brazil are rampant at the moment. They want this over in regulation time.

76 mins: GOAL BRAZIL!  Oscar gently slots in a beautiful bit of footwork from substitute Dudu. Fantastic game.

71 mins: Olivieria again! He's a one-man wreaking ball out there. He makes a run almost identical to his goal a few minutes ago, but the Brazil defence is wise to him and closes him out.

69 mins: Brazil now have everything to play for. They're trying some nice wee prods into the Portugal box, but the defence stays strong.

66 mins: VIDEO UP: Olivieria's goal.

58 mins: GOAL PORTUGAL! Olivieria scores! He runs wide, squeezing the three Brazil defenders into the box, and takes a shot on a pin-point angle. It scoots past the keeper, and Portugal takes the lead. Brazil 1 - 2 Portugal.

52 mins: Alex takes the ball to the 15 yard area, short pass to Oliveira, whose shot on goal goes over. Best chance Portugal has had in the second half so far.

49 mins: Crunching challenge on Portugal's Danilo. Free kick awarded.

46 mins: Second half's underway. Brazil or Portugal - who wants it more?

Half time: It was all action after ten minutes, but both sides have settled into a pattern. Everything to play for in the remaining 45.

42 mins: J Jesus for Brazil goes mighty close, with his shot leaving the Portuguese keeper in sixes and sevens. It goes left.

40 mins: Brazil have a corner five minutes out from half time, but it misses everyone.

35 mins: Good double challenge on Oliveria for Portugal as he lined up a shot on goal.

31 mins: Rather hopeless through ball by Portugal. Is picked off easily by the Brazilian defence.

28 mins: Cedric yellow-carded for Portugal.

24 mins: Free kick to Portugal, but it's snaffled away by Brazil. They're still playing positively.

22 mins: The game's settled into a pattern. Brazil happy to just push the ball around

14 mins: VIDEO UP: Alex's equaliser for Portugal. This game has caught fire. Both sides asking serious questions of each others' defence.

11 mins: VIDEO UP: Oscar's opening goal for Brazil. Alex's reply for Portugal is on its way.

8 mins: GOAL PORTUGAL! Hold the heck on, Portugal aren't dead yet! Alex fires a shot in. VIDEO COMING. Brazil 1 - 1 Portugal

3 mins: Brazil press within striking distance of Portugal's goal. Some nice link work from Oscar for the team in yellow. He works it out AND IT'S A GOAL! Oscar fires it in hard and low and it's just shot the Portuguese defence to pieces. Brazil 1 - 0 Portugal

GAME ON! Brazil kick off, playing from left to right.

2 mins before kick off: The teams sing their respective national anthems and shake hands.

5 mins before kick off: Good afternoon, girls and guys, to this afternoon's FIFA Under 20 World Cup final between Brazil and Portugal. Kick off is mere moments away. In the meantime, here's a video of both sides emerging from the changing sheds.

Preview: Commentary starts at 12:45 pm NZT.


Brazil: 1 Gabriel, 2 Danilo, 3 Bruno Uvini, 4 J Jesus, 5 Fernando, 8 Casemiro, 9 Willian, 10 Coutinho, 11 Oscar, 16 Gabriel Silva, 19 Henrique

Portugal: 1 Mika, 2 Pele, 4 Nuno Reis, 5 Roderick, 7 N Oliveira, 8 Cedric, 10 Sana, 14 Alex, 15 Danilo, 17 Sergio, 20 Mario Rui

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