VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Floyd Mayweather Jr Vs Miguel Cotto, Boxing 2012

  • 06/05/2012

By Greg Robertson

Hello and welcome to the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Miguel Cotto.

This one is sure to be mouth-watering…

We bring you highlights and action of all the best bits as soon as they happen, commentary of all the rounds. Make sure you refresh your browser occasionally and we’ll warn you with a VIDEO UP when we add action to the video player.

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RESULT COMING, and we all know boxing, the decision isn't over till it's made.... MAYWEATHER WINS THE BELT! Thanks for coming. HUGE HUGE props to Cotto who kept coming, but Mayweather was in a different class.

Round 12: If Cotto wants this he needs to knock Mayweather out... they fire at each other but nothing -again - is landing from Cotto. Uppercut hurts Cotto and he staggers and holds on... Floyd now turning it on... Cotto frustrated... it's over...Floyd Mayweather Jr surely with that one in the bag.

Round 11: Slow start to the round... Cotto now trying to get to him... Cotto wrapping up Mayweather... uppercut from Floyd, both boxers sluggish... nice touch from Cotto bu Mayweather straight back with a short right to the jaw... Mayweather on the outside and is untouchable from there.

Round 10: Floyd, right hand, right hand uppercut. That's how he's hurting Cotto - outside. Cotto comes and Mayweather just wrapped himself up and covers.

Round 9: Crowd right behind Cotto... Cotto just keeps coming.... why is Mayweather fighting so much on the inside? He steps back, creates the room and picks off Cotto at will? Another good round for Cotto... he's back in this one I reckon.

Round 8: This has been an absolute boxing clinic from Mayweather. It's a rumble in the corner... flurry from Cotto, again, just nothing landing at all. Looks very impressive but he's not clipping the unbeaten boxer... Mayweather shakles his head at Cotto to show, 'you ain't got anything', he's toying. Cotto's stolen that round right at the end... hmmm, interesting as Mayweather continues to shake his head but it looked like the power just drained from Mayweather's fists.

Round 7: Mayweather looked to take that last one off...great hand speed from Cotto but nothing lands. Jab and double left hook downstairs from Mayweather... Floyd now cracking from the outside. Another round to Mayweather.

Round 6: First time there's standing toe-to-toe in the middle of the ring. Cotto having his best period of the fight as he tries to put pressure on Floyd.

Round 5: Cotto expending so much energy with flurry after flurry but just nothing is landing... Mayweather with a short right on the defence, short uppercut now... Cotto with a left, right, left... Cotto covering up well... Maywather is stalking Cotto in defence... amazing to watch.... Cotto lands one....

Round 4: Floyd is a master out there... in complete control, running this fight inside the ring he's a genius... he staggers Cotto with a right tot he head... Cotto keeps coming but the defence is too good... big uppercut snaps Coto's head.

Round 3: Scheduled for 12... Mayweather still in control...a minute in and they trade punches against the ropes... Mayweather catching the big rights on his gloves... Cotto with plenty of flurries but nothing landing...

Round 2: Mayweather with the constant jab in the face of Cotto... Cotto just can't work his way in.... lands one though then with Mayweather up against the ropes... both mixing it up on the ropes... Mayweather doing som damage alright... sneaking through...

Round 1: We're under way and the boxers feeling each other out. Cotto in the pink coming forward... lunging with the jab... Mayweather throwing some sharp snaps right back searching for the head... both boxers in great shape...inside from Floyd, strats out as a jab... chopping shot from Cotto... overhand from Floyd.

Fighter's being called in...

Justin Beiber right beside Mayweather...

Here comes Cotto...... interesting, Mayweather with some great looking leather trunks... but if this fight goes to 8 or 9 rounds the sweat sure will way them down with the heat in the arena at the moment.

Get ready boxing mans... Floyd tried to juice it up yesterday at the weigh in and Cotto held it back... there will be no holding back soon... Cotto four years younger but Mayweather with a five-inch reach advantage. Stage is set... Floyd Mayweather - the challenger - making his way out now.

Vegas sparkling for this one... national anthems just a little bit away....Puerto Rico first then the USA... thinking the US just got dealt to on the anthems.

Okay... we have no idea when this fight will begin as is with boxing... so here's a few highlights- just a taste - of the last fight in Las Vegas.

Just with Alvarez now describing the fight... the MAIN EVENT has been called by the commentators... we'll get some video up as soon as they enter the ring - you pumped for this? Interviews just about done with.

halfway through the last round... I'm picking with 10 minutes we'll be seeing some main event action!

The last fight before the main event has just finished it's 11th round... we'll start cutting video from the moment to fighters enter the arena...

Undercard taking place… stay tuned, the big fight is next... three rounds to go in this one!


Prefight banter

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Miguel Cotto held their pre-fight weigh-in of their highly anticipated bout on Saturday in Las Vegas.

Oddsmakers are make Mayweather a 6-1 favourite in the fight, but if any fighter is a live underdog it's Cotto, a relentless puncher who believes in himself again after finally avenging a beating he took from Antonio Margarito four years ago that left him searching for answers about his chosen profession.

Cotto stopped Margarito in their rematch in December, and will be defending his version of the 154-pound title against a fighter who knows how to promote a big bout almost as well as he knows how to fight one.

Mayweather has won every time he's stepped in the ring as a pro, winning all 42 of his fights while becoming the biggest pay-per-view attraction in the sport.

If he needs any added incentive to win this fight, it would be that it might make the nights pass easier when he goes to jail on June 1st for what is expected to be a two-month sentence for domestic abuse.

There are still questions, though, about why Mayweather doesn't take on Manny Pacquiao in the fight most boxing fans want, a fight that would be the richest in boxing history. Mayweather answered them in part earlier this week with a lengthy rant about how he believes Pacquiao uses steroids and that he wouldn't want to risk his health against him.

Mayweather continues to insist he doesn't need Pacquiao, and he may be right. He gets the biggest cut of the revenues for all his fights, and he probably makes at least US$ 30 million for this one.

He may not be doing boxing any favours by not giving the sport a desperately needed fight, but he's doing fine for himself.

Despite the odds in his favour, there's a decent chance Mayweather could be challenged by Cotto, who will be fighting at 154 pounds for the fourth time and appears to be comfortable at the weight.

Mayweather agreed to move up from 147 pounds to take him on in a scheduled 12-round fight from the MGM Grand hotel that will be televised on pay-per-view.

Most in boxing, though, believe Cotto (37-2, 30 knockouts) is too slow for the slick Mayweather and will be unable to apply enough pressure to land effectively and often. They believe if he cannot get inside he will be easy pickings for the 35-year-old, who in recent fights has shown an inclination to fight more flat-footed rather than try to win by playing defensively.

Cotto is coming off a dominating performance against Margarito, who had stopped him in the 12th round of their welterweight title fight in 2008.

It was the first loss for Cotto, who was also stopped the following year in the 12th round by Pacquiao. He said beating Margarito in the rematch not only redeemed himself in the eyes of his fans, but gave him his confidence back.

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