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VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: USA Vs Japan, FINAL Women's World Cup 2011 - live, extra time, penalties

Monday 18 Jul 2011 6:44 a.m.

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3 News brings you VIDEO LIVE UPDATES of the FINAL clash between the USA and Japan.

Make sure you refresh your browser occasionally to so you don’t miss any of the action and we’ll warn you that we’ve updated the video with a ‘Video up’ so you don’t miss any of the great match highlights. Enjoy!




Japan wins the Women's World Cup final of 2011! Congratulations
JAPAN 1. GOAL. 2. MISS. 3. GOAL. 4. GOAL. 5. not needed.
USA 1. MISS 2. MISS. 3 MISS. 4. GOAL 5. not needed
We go to penalties.
120 mins: Morgan is fouled on the edge and get a free kick but the USA can't benefit and Japan clear. This is going to penalties.
118 mins: Japan equalise - again!!! Video up.
112 mins: Absolute mayhem at the back for the USA but the ball is managed to be scrambled away. Phew... brows being wiped at the back for the USA!
110 mins: Just 10 minutes remaining in this one. Japan trying to push forward to get a sneaky one but the USA is scrambling hard.
105 mins: We go into the second half off extra time.
103 mins: Wambach scores with a header!!! Video up.
101 mins: More pressure from the States now. The ball just isn;t falling the way they want it to.
95 mins: Morgan stretches the keeper again. She's causing concerns for the Japanese defence since she's come on.
91 mins: We're underway in extra time. That woman Wambach again with a header. She's all class... but hasn't netted yet. She may be the one that breaks this deadlock.
ADDED Time: The whistle sounds and we are going to have 30 more minutes to sort this one out.
84 mins: Both teams having chances... this one may have more time to play out after the 90 minutes.
80 mins: All USA has to do is hang on for another 10 minutes... 10 more minutes and they'll walk away as World Cup champions! GOAL TO JAPAN!!!! Scramble at the back in the box and the ball is squeezed away. USA heads go down. Video up . What a gift.
68 mins: Substitutes Alex Morgan scores for the USA. Video up!
65 mins: Wambach heads and WHAT A SAVE from the Japanese keeper. Video up.
63 mins: Every Japanese player is inside their penalty area as the USA takes a corner. Groundhog day as the ball is cleared behind and Japanese players stay camped in their penalty box. The corner came to nothing but it shows what sort of pressure they are under.
62 mins: Once again after an avalanche of chances to start the second spell, it's Japan fighting hard to get back into it. Block your ears USA fans - Japan just might sneak a goal TOTALLY against the run of play.
57 mins: Ohhhh a Japan corner skirts right across the face of the goal. No damage done but USA heats in mouths, that's for sure.
53 mins: Wambach has a chance on goal and apologises to her team mates for the shot that has finished up in Row Z.
50 mins: Morgan, who's come on for Chaney, strikes the base of the post. How unlucky are the USA going to continue to be? Video up.
47 mins: The USA's Chaney has twisted her ankle and has been forced to be replaced.
45 mins: Japan nearly scores at the other end but the ball was half a metre to far out in front of the Japanese striker.
44 mins: Wambach easily the most dangerous for the USA as she makes another strong run but the move fizzles out.
39 mins: A few more glimpses from Japan in the last minutes of this half so far... some real attacking intent that was missing early on when Cyclone USA hammered them hard. Will not scoring in that early phase come back to haunt the USA?
34 mins: Japan starting to get a greater share of possession. It really was a whirlwind that hit them from the start but they've hung in there. Another chance for Chaney this time but the header is over the bar. Video up .
28 mins: Game went through a dry spell then Wambach breaks free and hits the underside of the bar! Oh so close. Video up.
22 mins: The USA are playing a as a cohesive team while the Japanese are playing as individuals at present. However the fact that the USA has missed so many chances might be weighing on American shoulders.
12 mins: The States are all over Japan and they've had chance after chance after chance but have not made one count yet.
10 mins: Abby Wambach sends one over the bar! So close. Video up.
9 mins: Ohh USA go close. Video up.
5 mins: Good start from the USA and they've put plenty of pressure on early - the height advantage the USA has is a big factor if they can whip more balls in dangerously to the penalty area.
1 min: USA just about score the fastest goal in World Cup history. Video up.

Players are on the park and we’re about to get underway.


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