VIDEO LIVE UPDATES: David Tua Vs Demetrice King, Backyard Brawl

  • 19/03/2011

By James Bennett  

David Tua is in the ring tonight hoping for a much needed win against American journeyman Demetrice King.

Tua is fighting in his home patch of South Auckland for the first time, and is banking not only on plenty of support ringside but a decent pay cheque as well.

In typical Tua fashion, Pacific flavoured entertainment is promised to play a big part in the bout's lead up.


VIDEO UP of the best bits from the fight and the decision just click under the picture.
Stay tuned we will have the decision and the best bits from the entire fight coming very soon.
Decision time: No doubnt really.....The winner by unanimous decision, David Tua!!! 
Round 10 - Here we go final round. Tua is dancing around on his toes fresh as a daisy. Another barrage of punches fly from David, he has this bout well and truly sewn up. Tua looks in great shape for the tenth round. Final minute will the punches fly? Yes they will! Tua just goes to town and throws hook upon hook. No doubt of the winner Tua will have this for sure. 
Round 9 - Visible swelling to the eyes of King. Tua has been working away with the jab all night. Will the big Samoan look for the knock out blow? The left hook comes out but doesn't fully connect. The fans are yelling and screaming for Tua to land a big one... Aww King takes an age to get his gloves fixed mid round, Tua not happy and he revs the crowd up. Tua lands a couple of massive hooks to end the round. Crowd rise to their feet.  
Round 8 - The tempo has slowed at the start of this round. David's hand speed is far superior to King's in this one. Wack! Tua hits him with a left and that brings a smile to his face. He's enjoying himself here! Tua in cruise control here with a couple of rounds to go.
VIDEO UP of the big hits at the back end of the sixth round. Watch King taunt Tua.
Round 7 - Tua comes skipping out of his corner and lands a couple early. Bang a crushing uppercut to King's chin. He works inside again and works away at the body. The middle of the round is a touch quiet maybe a bit of fatigue setting in. Tua works King into the corner at the back end of the seventh and works the body again. King gets the elbow out once more.
Round 6 - King needs to start doing something is he wants a piece of this fight. You can tell he's boxing within himself, watchful of the Tuaman's power. David goes hard with the straight left, bang, bang but King hasn't wobbled as of yet. David once again comes forward near the end of the round, BANG! it's all on at the end of 6, Tua smashes King and King is on the ropes. King taunts Tua smiling at him and asking for more. Tua lets loose and the punches fly.
VIDEO UP OF THE FIRST COUPLE OF ROUNDS, just click under the picture.
Round 5 - Bang! Tua comes out and lands a couple of big ones on King, he's a tough bugger though and just shakes his head as if to say "that didn't hurt me!". Tua continues his dominance in the round, as he starts to wind up at the end of the round. 
Round 4 - Tua has won every round so far, doing enough but hasn't landed any massive blows yet.  Tua bobbing and weaving with his head then working off the jab again. Just getting through King's defence with ease with a straight left. Much the same for the rest of the round. Tua well on top here, he has complete control of the fight.
Round 3 - Tua lands a nice overhand punch early in round 3 then he goes to town on the body. King is standing firm at the moment, even throwing a couple himself. King is using his elbow to push Tua away, the ref has a word about that. King standing in a defensive position, very aware of the Tuaman's power. Tua working off his jab here, he'll jab away and then look to land a bigger left. Round 3 over, King still standing... 
Round 2 - Bang, Bang! Tua lands consecutive double hooks on the chin of King, that looked to rattle him a bit. Tua is all business early. King certainly has the height advantage over David but the big Samoan will be used to that! Tua coming through the middle and sneaks an upper cut in. Picking his moments to go for punches.
Round 1 - We are off, Tua lands a couple of crushing body shots early. King is a big boy, looks like David going for the body early to wear him down. Tua making most of the play, he starts to work the jab as the crowd start chanting Tua...Tua...
10:56pm - Tua is in the house! VIDEO UP of his entry. We are just having the national anthems now. 
10:49pm - Here we go it's time for the main event. King and Tuaman enter the ring! Video coming.

10:40pm - We have a knockout! Under card fight number five saw Maselino Masoe against Kashif Mumtaz and Masoe landed the knockout blow!

10:34pm – We have a split decision in the fourth under card fight, the back slammer himself, Vaitele Soi has won it and Siale looks less than impressed.

10:11pm - An ugly incident in the fourth under card fight between Vaitele Soi and Oscar Siale, a back slam that has no place in a boxing ring. Watch the backslam video here

9:30pm – Under card fight 3 is all over and went the distance. It was a battle between Warren Fuiava and Niusila Seiuli, a clash Fuiava took out. Haven’t seen Tuaman arrive yet, looking out for the big fella, the fans have certainly come out tonight.

9:09pm - Some big hits in that previous under card fight! Check out the video. Under card fight 3 now in progress.
9:04pm - It didn't take long for Leti Leti to show his class, knockout in round one.
8:41pm - They aren't mucking around tonight, time for Under card fight 2 – Paz Viejo takes on Leti Leti.
8:35pm - Under card fight 1 - In the first undercard bout of the night we have some early drama. A majority draw decision has been reached in the fight between Faumuina and Jackson.
8:20pm - VIDEO UP of a little Tua preview for you to get excited over. Under card just starting now.
7:50pm - Not far away from coverage starting for the Backyard Brawl. Tua fans get excited! We will bring you results from the under card fights and VIDEO as Tua enters the arena and all the pre-fight action. Stay tuned. 
Weigh in:

David Tua’s American opponent has weighed in nearly 12kg heavier than Tua, ahead of their bout in Auckland.

Demetrice King tipped the scales at 124.6kg, while Tua has put on just over 5kg since his controversial draw with American Monte Barrett.

He weighed in at 112.8kg.

But Tua’s not putting his WBO belts on the line for this fight – just his reputation.

King enters the fight with a 15-19 record.

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