Video: Nude Blacks hold off tough English charge

  • 14/06/2014

The country's premiere naked rugby team beat a spirited English challenge yesterday afternoon in their pre-test match curtain-raiser.

The game between the Nude Blacks and England invitational team was played at Dunedin's University Oval for the first time - home of Otago Cricket and the University Rugby Club.

Luckily for the players, the ball was still of the large oval variety, although a few confused players did take the field all padded up and ready for a cricket delivery.

There were a few famous rugby faces among the large crowd of all ages.

Guests included The Queen and Prince Phillip (possibly not the genuine articles), who added a regal touch to festivities.

Her Majesty joined the English team for a half-time cup of tea on the side lines, and admitted she was "most amused" by the whole spectacle.

But fans were right to question some of the decisions by referee Julie Woods, who is known as "That Blind Woman".

The Dunedin personality had special braille red and yellow cards on hand, and was not afraid to use them to keep the naked players in check.

The Nude Blacks are used to dominating their encounters, having lost only one of their 13 games in the south.

But some hard play by the English kept the game tight, with the visitors matching the hometown lads try for try for much of the game.

That pressure boiled over into an on-field brawl late in the second half, but the Nude Blacks regained their composure to seal the win with a late try.

The final score was 24-19 to the Nude Blacks, who take home the new “Dunny-din” trophy.

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source: newshub archive