VIDEO: Shane van Gisbergen talks about move to Holden in the V8 Supercars

  • 23/01/2013

Watch the video to see comment from Shane van Gisbergen and Jono Webb.

A day after 3 News confirmed the Shane van Gisbergen’s move to a VIP backed Holden, the 23-year-old has spoken publicly about his new found drive.

The kiwi will drive in a Triple-8 built Commodore, for the Tekno team in this years’ championship.

Some Ford fans have expressed their distain for the change - but it's worth noting that had the ‘Giz’ not quit Stone Brothers Racing - he'd be driving a Mercedes in this years’ series.

‘Blue oval’ faithful can take some solace in the news the Shane will be driving a Falcon - albeit one with a GM engine - in the NZ Supertourers which kicks off in mid February.

His combo with Jono Webb sees the pair re-unite after teaming up at Bathurst in 2008.

3 News

source: newshub archive

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