Home time as Dotcom granted bail

  • 22/02/2012

By Rachel Morton

Kim Dotcom is spending his first night with his wife and children after a month behind bars, following a District Court decision to grant him bail today.

The judge ruled it was unlikely that Dotcom had access to enough money to flee the country, and decided he was not a flight risk.  After three applications, the alleged internet pirate was granted bail.

“I’m relieved to go home and see my family, my little kids, and my pregnant wife, and I hope you understand that that’s all I want to say right now. I just want to go home and see my family,” says Dotcom.

Lawyers representing the United States government wanted him kept behind bars, arguing that Dotcom is a flight risk, but since his assets have been frozen the judge disagreed.

“The factors relating to flight risk are not now of such concern that there remains just cause to remand Mr Dotcom in custody. Once satisfactory bail conditions are in place they will alleviate remaining concerns about his flight risk,” says Judge Nevin Dawson.

Dotcom has been bailed to a house in the grounds of the Dotcom mansion but conditions of his bail include not entering the mansion, no helicopters are allowed on his property, he has to wear an electronic ankle bracelet and he is not allowed access to the internet.

His co-accused were also in court today but are already on bail.

Dotcom is due to reappear in court in August for an extradition hearing, which is expected to take three weeks.

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source: newshub archive