Arafat exhumation to put rumours to rest

  • 26/11/2012

The body of Yasser Arafat will be exhumed later this week in a bid to resolve whether or not he was poisoned.

Rumours began circulating shortly after the former Palestinian president's death in 2004, following an unexplained slump in his health.

Palestinan official Mahmoud Labad is in no doubt Arafat was poisoned and says it is obvious who is responsible for it.

“Everybody knows who are the enemies of the Palestinian people,” says Mr Labad.

Three separate samples will be taken from Arafat’s body when he is exhumed on Tuesday by specially invited forensic teams from Switzerland, France and Russia.

The results of the investigation aren’t expected for several months, but Arafat’s body will immediately be reburied with full military honours.

Palestinians are convinced Israel supplied the poison, but many people are more interested in finding out if they had help from Palestinian collaborators.

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source: newshub archive