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Family mourn loss of ‘big-hearted girl’ in Norway

Thursday 28 Jul 2011 6:48 p.m.

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By Amanda Gillies

The family of a New Zealand-born girl killed in the Norway massacre are mourning their “beautiful, big-hearted girl”.

Police told the family overnight they had found the body of 14-year-old Sharidyn Svebakk-Bohn.

“She was a beautiful, caring, vigorous girl,” says the family’s spokesman Torgeir Micaelsen.

“She was also a great young lady who took to every challenge with ease.”

The MP told 3 News Sharidyn’s greatest strength was her ability to care for others. She adored her younger sister who, in turn, idolised her.

“She had a big heart, she was loyal. She was a girl who stood out in the crowd.”

Sharidyn, known as Sissi, was born in Palmerston North but moved to Norway when she was just a baby. Her uncle and grandmother still live here.

Sissi joined the Young Labour Party about a year ago, her trip to Utoya Island with the group was her first. She was missing for five days after the shooting.

Her family say the wait for news was excruciating.

“Tonight is all about grief, sorrow and relief that they have found and identified their daughter.”

Sissi had an online blog called Purple In Style, based on the life of a “not so normal girl”. Her last entry was July 20 – two days before she was shot dead. She wrote about her new friends and what to bring to the island next time.

But there will never be a next time.

The man Norwegian police say is responsible remains in solitary confinement – but he isn’t keeping quiet.

Details are beginning to emerge about the demands Anders Breivik is making from his prison cell. He wants special food, he wants access to his manifesto and access to WikiLeaks.

Police have also just revealed they nearly short Breivik but didn’t, fearing he was strapped with explosives.

As his country tries to take steps towards recovery, Facebook tribute pages have been set up for his victims, including Sissi.

Details of when she will be laid to rest have not been announced yet.

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