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Fox News to ignore Florida Quran burning

Friday 10 Sep 2010 8:02 a.m.

Dove World Outreach Center church pastor Jones (Reuters)

Dove World Outreach Center church pastor Jones (Reuters)

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By Dan Satherley

Fox News has announced it will not be covering a Florida pastor's burning of the Islamic holy book, the Quran.

Rev Terry Jones has so far defied international condemnation, and refused to cancel what US president Barack Obama has called a 'stunt' that could endanger lives across the world.

"We do not cover every flag burning that happens in this country," Fox News spokesman Michael Clemente told TVNewser.

"We don't run every hostage tape. If we tried to cover everyone who wants us to stick a camera in front of them, we'd run out of cameras pretty fast each day.

"But this is really about just using some judgment."

Fox News often comes under fire from media commentators for a perceived right-wing, pro-US, anti-Muslim bias. Other US networks such as CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS say they will be covering the burning as they would any other news event.

"He's one guy in the middle of the woods with 50 people in his congregation who's decided to try, I gather, to bring some attention to himself by saying he's going to burn a Koran if he gets the permit," says Clemente.

"Well, you know what, there are many more important things going on in the world than that. I don't know what they will be this weekend, but I am sure they will be more important than that."

News organisation AP has said it will not be distributing any pictures or audio of the event, but has been covering it so far.

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