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Woman comes forward - 'Schapelle Corby set up'

Friday 1 Jul 2011 4:58 p.m.

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By Samantha Hayes

A new theory has emerged which might help free convicted Australian drug smuggler Schapelle Corby.

A woman has come forward saying she believes Corby was setup – the victim of a rogue baggage handler who planted marijuana in her luggage.

The woman, known as Sue, waited almost seven years to come forward with her claim which she says is to clear her conscience.

“What if she is really innocent and she has to do 20 years? What if she doesn't make the 20 years?"

Sue was dating a baggage handler at Brisbane airport in October 2004 - the month Corby was busted in Bali.

In a statement given to Australia’s Nine network she says her boyfriend told her of the moment a fellow baggage handler came to work with a large bag of marijuana.

“When the supervisor was coming down the guy panicked and the first thing he did was look for somewhere to hide it, and he grabbed one of the bags that was behind him and hid it there."

"When he was talking about a big bag he meant a big bag."

“Big”, like Corby's boogie board bag which contained the 4.2 kg of marijuana.

Her Brisbane lawyer, Kerry Smith-Douglas, says the claim is enough to force a judicial review of the case.

“I think the statutory declaration is extremely important in that it comes from an individual who isn't known to the Corby family whatsoever."

The defence has long argued the drugs were planted by airport workers and this isn't the first time information has surfaced supporting that claim. But to date every appeal has been dismissed by the Indonesian court.

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