Live updates: America's Cup 2021 - Challengers Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli v INEOS Team UK, NYYC American Magic

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Round robin 2, Race 3

American Magic v Luna Rossa

Luna Rossa win by walkover

Leg 5 - American Magic took that fourth leg in one jibe and have taken a similar line on this one, almost sailing mark to mark. Their lead is more than 600m.

Barker reaches 45 knots, but as they round the bottom mark, they hit a squall and go airborne. They over... they're over.

The Americans have done quick head count and seem to have everyone accounted for. Meanwhile, Luna Rossa have sailed away to victory.

Race organisers have deemed the Americans have retired - they're obviously in no condition to continue - the Italians win.

Leg 4 - The advantage is more than 500m now. American Magic seem to have a couple of knots on their rivals downwind.

Wow, they took no time on that leg and are already at the bottom mark. Barker rounds right and heads to the right side of the course.

Luna Rossa have slipped 42 seconds behind.

Leg 3 - They're virtually level as they head to the right boundary. Luna Rossa overshoot the boundary and are penalised.

That penalty costs them about 200m, so American Magic in control now.

American Magic laying for the top mark, rounding the right gate at 48 knots and flying. They head left, Luna Rossa are 27 seconds back and head right.

Leg 2 - Luna Rossa immediately jibe to the right side of the course, where the Americans found that lift upwind.

Both boats heading right, but Luna Rossa jibe back to the centre and cross about 200m behind. Dean Barker looking good so far.

The Italians seem to find something out left and cut that advantage back to less than 100m, but both boats lay for the bottom mark, with American Magic still ahead.

The Americans arrive first, 13 seconds clear, and both boats tack right.

Leg 1 - Luna Rossa tack right, allowing American Magic to continue to the boundary. They seem virtually even as they both head towards the right side of the course.

The Italians are having some comms problems and tacked really early, perhaps unable to find the boundary on their conputers.

Luna Rossa tack underneath American Magic at the cross, so a change in lead.

Both tack for the right gate at the top of the course, the Americans arriving first, but only six seconds ahead.

Start - Four minutes until the start and American Magic are making a late change to their sails. They're leaving it until the last minute.

The Americans are due in the start box first from port.

Both boats are late to the start box and almost collide as they arrive together.

Luna Rossa have protested, but both boats have fallen off their foils.

No penalty on American Magic. They're back on foil, but the Americans are way out of position.

Luna Rossa hit the line first, but American Magic to starboard. Both head left.

5:16pm - The next race is scheduled to start at 5:30pm, With American Magic desperate to grab a point from the opening two rounds of racing.

Round robin 2, Race 2

Luna Rossa v Team UK (restart)

Team UK win by 18 seconds

Finish - Luna Rossa touch down momentarily, stalling any momentum and allowing the British to cruise to the line for their fourth straight win.

The Italians follow 18 seconds behind and must now regroup for their second race of the day against American Magic.

Team UK reached the top speed of 46.48 knots downwind and averaged two knots faster on those legs, which proved the big difference. They actually sailed 500m further than their rivals.

Leg 6 - Another split, Luna Ross to the right and Team UK to the left. The Italians are now hoping they find something their rivals don't, but the British are still 350m ahead.

The margin has been trimmed to 250m, so the Italians not out of this, if Team UK make a mistake.

Leg 5 - Team UK cross about 300m ahead, but immediately tack to cover their rivals as they slip underneath. Luna Rossa tack back right and away, but Ainslie continues left.

Boats are reaching 30 knots upwind. They cross again, but Team UK are 320m ahead, so there's no pressure on them.

Team UK on the left layline and round the right gate, just 12 seconds up, as they head downwind to the finish.

Leg 4 - The British have found something out to the left and snatched a 200m advantage at another cross.

Both boats heading left, but Luna Rossa about to hit the boundary and jibe to centre - the British about 250m ahead at the cross.

Ainslie rounds the right gate first, Spithill and Bruni go left, 26 seconds back.

Leg 3 - They've tacked to the centre for a cross, with Luna Rossa arriving 120m clear.

They continue right, Team UK head left, so every man for himself so far.

Luna Rossa rack left to cover for now, as the British arrive at the right boundary and tack back to the centre.

The Italians are still ahead at the cross, but only 20m this time. They continued to opposite sides of the course and Team UK may just have edged ahead.

Team UK laying for the top mark from starboard and force Luna Rossa to tack away. Virtually even at the gate, as they continue to split downwind.

Leg 2 - Both boats above 40 knots downwind - if anything, the Brits are holding it more consistently.

Team UK jibe from the left boundary towards the centre and losing ground. Luna Rossa cross about 170m clear.

Luna Rossa laying for the bottom mark, heading right, while Team UK cross left, seven seconds behind. They've split again, with the Italians going left and Brits right. 

Leg 1 - The Italians seem to have the edge, but both have tacked back to centre and will cross.

Team UK have starboard right of way and cross ahead - just, about 30m. 

Luna Rossa may have retaken the lead, as they tack for another cross... they have about 150m.

Both boats now laying for the top mark from opposite directions - Luna Rossa from the left and Team UK the right.

Italy arrive 10 seconds clear of Team UK.

Start - Luna Rossa has entered the start box from port and Team UK follows.

Both boats heading back towards the line, they cross together with Team UK to starboard. They tack right and Luna Rossa split left.

4:12pm - Looks like the course has been adjusted in time for the scheduled restart... which has now been pushed back to 4:30pm.

3:56pm - Winds have dropped back within the race limit and there is blue sky out on the course, although weather still lurks murky further out on the Gulf.

3:52pm - Race restart has been pushed back to 4:20pm, so no surprise there.

3:46pm - Organisers now face the task of resetting this course to the prevailing winds which have shifted about 90 degrees. This may cause a delay, since last time they tried this was day we had spectator craft on the track.

Restart has been scheduled for 4:05pm, so we'll see.

Round robin 2, Race 2

Luna Rossa v Team UK

Race abandoned

Leg 5 - Race committee has abandoned the race, which will now be resailed. Weather conditions have become too volatile to continue.

Incredible, after too little wind yesterday, we suddenly have a 30 knot squall threatening the safety of teams.

The key to that decision to abandon was the change of wind direction, which begs the question, will racing be moved to another course or this course reset, if it resumes today.

Leg 4 - Luna Rossa are more than 500m ahead downwind. They definitely seem faster in the high winds, compared to the British, who were surprisingly adept in the light winds yesterday.

Team UK seem to have found something in the centre of the course and halve the margin in the space of a few seconds.

The Brits are preparing for a big wind shift in the next few seconds...

Both boats overshoot the right layline and Luna Rossa fall off their foils - Team UK have snatched the lead, but fall off their foils, as does the Italians.

Luna Rossa eventually round 40 seconds behind, but both boats are in displacement mode, waiting for the wind shift.

Leg 3 - Both boats struggle to stay on their foils in the choppy conditions. The Italians have stretched the lead to almost 400m.

Luna Rossa jibe smoothly at speed to the right, while Team UK turn back left - they seem to have lost more ground, as they near the top gate.

The Italians hit the right layline for a short run to the mark - they round the left gate, Team UK go right, some 44 seconds behind.

Leg 2 - Team UK lose ground in the jibe right and the margin has grown to about 300m, but they're travelling at more than 40 knots.

The Brits jibe first and cut the lead to about 150m. Right now, Luna Rossa are just covering their rivals - both have laid for the bottom gate, although Team UK may need another jibe.

Luna Rossa round the right gate and head left, Team UK take the left gate 17 seconds behind and head right upwind.

Leg 1 - Both boats head left, but Team UK tack first to the right.

Both have reached 35 knots upwind, with the Italians holding a 100m lead.

Team UK reach the right boundary first and tack left, whilt Luna Rossa continue to the boundary, before responding.

The margin holds steady as Team UK reach the left layline first and tack towards the top mark. Luna Rossa still ahead and also laying for the mark.

The Italians round first, 11 seconds clear, and both boats head left.

Start - Still a few minutes away from countdown, but conditions are very different today on Course A, which is further out into the Hauraki and more exposed.

Everyone out there is getting wet, which you kind of expect in sailing, but there are some huge waves and maybe we will see our first crash of the regatta.

Luna Rossa have port entry and they are on time, moving fast. Team UK follow from starboard and follow the Italians right.

The British have incurred a boundary penalty in the pre-start, so already an error from Sir Ben Ainslie.

Luna Rossa hit the start-line first and Team UK have cleared the penalty by lagging two boat lengths behind.

2:54pm - Northerly winds prevailing, about 16 knots and choppy water on Course A.

2:33pm - Sounds like today's weather conditions will be at the other end of the scale from Saturday, with wind building to 20 knots and rain. Will be interesting to see how these foiling monohulls handle that, after struggling with the light airs yesterday.


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the America's Cup challenger series on Auckland's Waitematā Harbour and Hauraki Gulf.

After two days of racing, INEOS Team UK have jumped out to an impressive lead in the Prada Cup, making a remarkable turnaround from their impersonation of a paper plane in water during the pre-Christmas series. 

The Brits are unbeaten from their three races, while Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli have just the one win from their two races and Dean Barker's NYYC American Magic are still looking for their first victory.

Saturday's racing saw Luna Rossa dominate in the light winds over American Magic, who really struggled, while surprising Team UK proved the three weeks of improvements to their boat have helped them significantly in lighter air.

Today, the spotlight falls on Luna Rossa helmsmen Jimmy Spithill and Francesco Bruni, who have targeted the lighter air as their strength and the best way to pick up wins. 

Racing is due to begin at 3:15pm, with strong 15-20 knot northwest winds expected, playing into the hands of Sir Ben Ainslie, who loves the stronger breeze. 

The action will take place on Course A, with the prime viewing for land-locked spectators from Milford and Takapuna.

TAB odds: Team UK $1.75 American Magic $3.75 Luna Rossa $3.75

Luna Rossa embracing light wind Cup racing: Bruni

Bring on the light winds - that's the storyline emerging from day two of the Prada Cup for Italian syndicate Luna Rossa. 

A strange day of racing on the Waitematā Harbour saw victories for Luna Rossa and unbeaten INEOS Team UK - both bettering the struggling American Magic.

But constantly light winds, fluctuating from 7-11 knots, meant this wasn't a typical day of foil racing, with long periods of displacement racing - both up and downwind. 

Co-helmsman on the Italian boat - Francisco Bruni - admits he wouldn't be disappointed if Sunday's two races brought similar conditions. 

"In the light wind, definitely our big foils are helping us," says Bruni. "It's a combination of things, probably sails, power in the sails, power in the foils.

Luna Rossa in Prada Cup action
Luna Rossa in Prada Cup action. Photo credit: Photosport

"We like the light wind definitely, but today was weird, because it was more gaining in the puffs. You had a difference of 3-4 knots. It was a matter of staying in the pressure."

Luna Rossa dominated winless American Magic in the opening race on Saturday, making the most of the tricky conditions and eventually building on the final leg, recording 40 knots in boat speed.

Conditions were so tricky, Patriot was left out on the course without a puff of wind in sight and eventually was handed a 'did not finish' by race officials. 

"It was very challenging," Bruni says. "It was one of those races you can win or lose very easily.

"It was really demanding for the boys."

Unfortunately for the Americans, light winds are forecast for their sole race on Sunday against Luna Rossa.

Under the leadership of America's Cup veterans Terry Hutchinson and former Emirates Team NZ helmsman Dean Barker, the New York entry have had a disastrous start to a regatta they entered as favourites.

Three losses from three leaves the crew desperate for a win or face an uphill battle reach the Prada Cup finals next month. 

Hutchinson says the crew are frustrated, especially with two big losses on Saturday, and hope Auckland's breeze will return, so they can show off their boat speed. 

"Yesterday was a stable breeze day and we made some tactical mistakes. 

"I think we're just looking for the opportunity to have a reasonably open race track and do what we know we can do, which is race well and put the boat in positions to let Patriot do her thing.

"I think we're all a bit angry. We know that's not who we are and I think we're all probably a bit pissed off.

"We want to go out and race consistently, and do things well and be who we are - that [performance] is not us.

"I'm sure if you said to everyone right now that we could go back out and race, we'd go back and race right now."