'I don't care where the voters come from' - Jacinda Ardern

The newly appointed Labour Party leader is focusing in on increasing the party's vote - but says she doesn't mind where they come from.

"I don't care where those voters come from - my job is growing that vote," she told Three's The Project.

"There's a lot of debate these days as to whether or not politics has moved towards personality than policy.

"My plea to people would be that we've got to make elections about the things that matter in peoples' lives and that's what I want them to vote for on election day."

She admits the hundreds of billboards plastered with Andrew Little's face, put up by volunteers last week, is "awkward", jokingly asking people to "be kind with graffiti" while they wait for the new campaign images.

"[Andrew Little] said to me, well it's the freshest approach anyone could ever imagine."