Labour rules out doing a deal to keep Greens in Parliament

Labour's going into the campaign looking good, a number of polls have them steaming ahead though they're not quite catching National.

But it's all at the expense of the Greens. The Ardern Effect and the resignation of Metiria Turei have pushed the Greens below the 5 percent threshold in the polls - that would mean the party wouldn't make it back into Parliament.

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern ruled out offering to do a deal and stand a candidate aside in order for the Greens to make it back into Parliament, and she thinks they won't need any help.

"I think the polls will keep moving around, and I doubt they'll stay in that position," she said.

But Bill English says the vote is only moving around on the left, with those parties cannibalising each others' vote.

"That really tells you more about what sort of government that would be which is a pretty messy one," he said.

"We look a bit more stable and organised."

Labour will officially launch their campaign on Sunday, and it's possible that Helen Clark will be on the guest list.

"Maybe, I'm just not entirely 100 percent sure," Ms Ardern said.

"But there's a chance she could be."

There'll be no policy released on Sunday, but Ms Ardern reaffirmed the party's position on legalising medicinal cannabis on Friday, and as for recreational she faced the question: Has she smoked it?

"I've been open about the fact that I used to be a mormon and then I wasn't so I'll leave that up to people's imaginations," she said.

Mr English was also out on the road today, and opening a new one near Auckland Airport

Though he did need some directions from Simon Bridges.

Even though he was unsure about road names there'll be no uncertainty about the fight ahead of him - he's neck and neck in the popularity stakes with the Labour leader.