The Outdoors Party wants to get into Parliament

There's a new political party on the scene, The New Zealand Outdoors Party, and they're campaigning on a single issue - the environment.

They've arrived somewhat late to the party having only been registered with the electoral commission on August 11, just over a month out from the general election.

Formed in the small town of Turangi, the party is co-led by David Haynes, who will be standing in the Nelson electorate, and Alan Simmons who will be standing in the Taupo electorate.

Challenging The Opportunities Party on the acronym front, the party's priorities are protecting fisheries and freshwater, and advocating for people who enjoy the outdoors. That includes hunters, trampers, campers, and recreational fishers.

It believes all New Zealand rivers should be swimmable, the Department Of Conservation should get more funding, and there should be more oversight of commercial fishing.

The party had to have 500 paid up members to register as a political party, and will work with any political party in Government to try to get its priorities over the line - though it hasn't released any official policies yet.

The Outdoors Party is straying away from announcing social policies, and its unofficial slogan is "The Greens without the extreme".

Newshub spoke to Derrick Paul, the party's candidate for Maungakiekie, about why the Outdoors Party has arrived on the scene and what it plans to do.