Bill English, Jacinda Ardern call election as 'neck-and-neck race'

There are only three days to go until election day and neither leader is counting their chickens before they hatch, with both saying they're not going to focus on the polls.

The latest two major polls, Newshub-Reid Research and 1NEWS-Colmar Brunton, have showed National soaring ahead of Labour despite the surge seen by the party when Jacinda Ardern took power.

An hour after the latest poll was released, both leaders took to the stage at the final 1 News Leaders Debate and said it's too early to say who'll win.

"The polls are all over the place. I believe it's a neck-and-neck race between the two major parties," National's Bill English said.

"We want voters to consider very carefully the choice they're making on Saturday."

Ms Ardern said it'll be voter turnout which decides the race in the end. There's already a massive amount of early votes cast - more than half a million Kiwis have already cast their ballot.

"The polls have been very volatile, I think that speaks to the fact we'll only know on election day," Ms Ardern said.

The latest poll saw National leap up 6 percentage points to 46 percent - still not enough to govern alone.

While Labour dropped 7 points to 37 percent, with the Greens creeping up to 8 percent. Combined, they're one point behind National.

NZ First is torn between battling to remain in Parliament, and becoming the king - or queen-maker. The poll placed them at 5 percent, just enough to scrape in without an electorate seat.

Extended live coverage on election day will take place on, RadioLIVE and on Three throughout the night.