Bill English's wife Mary reveals what she loves about him most

In her first ever television interview, Bill English's wife Mary has paid a heartfelt tribute to her husband as a loving family man.

Newshub's Ryan Bridge spoke with the couple ahead of Saturday's general election in a discussion about the campaign, how the pair met, their Catholic faith and their family life.

When asked about why she loves her husband, Mary spoke directly to Bill with an emotional message.

"What I love most about you is you're my best friend, you're a great dad and you just keep us happy," she says.

"Sometimes you cause a bit of stress at home, ha ha. But you know, it's great."

When asked what made her proudest about Bill, Mary again points to his family life rather than his accomplishments as a politician.

"On a personal level, I'm really proud of the fact that you have always been there for the kids when they really, really needed you. Sometimes it hasn't always been convenient, but you've always shown up and I'm really pleased about that."

More of Bridge's interview with Bill and Mary will be broadcast on The Project tonight, starting at 7pm on Three.