Gareth Morgan 'disappointed' with 'selfish' New Zealanders

The Opportunities Party leader Gareth Morgan says he is "disappointed in New Zealanders" following National's strong showing in the early Election results. 

"What TOP is all about is challenging the status-quo and basically saying that the property owning elite and the people on New Zealand Super are ripping off the youth and the younger people of this country because of the tax breaks and because of the generosity of [former National Prime Minister] Muldoon," Mr Morgan told Newshub.

Mr Morgan says "self-interest rules" and that "looking after the other person" is pretty low now in New Zealand's priorities.

The TOP leader says he wanted to get 5 percent of the party vote, but is far polling at just 1.9 percent with a quarter of the vote counted.

Mr Morgan says New Zealand is heading towards a landslide victory for National, which holds 46.2 percent of the provisional vote to 36.1 percent.

Mr Morgan has spent $3 million of his own money on this campaign - or roughly $100 for every vote for TOP.