Jacinda Ardern full speech: Let's keep doing this

This election will be decided by MMP, Jacinda Ardern has told the audience at Labour's election night party at Aotea Centre in Auckland.

Ms Ardern was referring to the upcoming negotiations that will need to take place in order for a Government to be formed.

"Bill English and National have taken the largest number of votes. I have called Bill and acknowledged that and the campaign work he has done," Ms Ardern said.

"But the final outcome of tonight will not be decided by us. I simply cannot predict at this point what decisions other leaders will make."

Ms Ardern rounded off her speech  by pledging "all [her] energies, [her] every waking moment" to the Labour Party.

In a forward-looking speech, Ms Ardern made a commitment to Labour's core issues - housing, ridding New Zealand of child poverty and a clean, green New Zealand.

Ms Ardern looked back at her short time as leader, saying that while she initially called it the "worst job in politics", she had changed her mind.

"The last seven weeks have been nothing but a privilege," she said.

"I have been incredibly lucky to talk with New Zealanders across the country; lucky to have had a platform to talk about ideas and politics that I knew would change people's lives."

"The late, great Colin Meads said, 'If you come off the field and you haven't done enough then you've let the side down.'

"I've come off the field knowing that we've given it our all."