Jacinda Ardern gives 'heartfelt thanks' to voters

  • 23/09/2017

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern has shared a live-streamed video from home, as she began election night.

She began the Facebook Live video by thanking voters and those who helped others vote.

"Just waiting at home now for all of the results to come in," she said. "Before things get a little bit hectic, I thought I'd just thank everyone who made the effort to go out and vote today, and of course everyone who helped everyone get out and vote today, whether it was rides to get out to the polling stations or special votes or anything like that."

She then told viewers how she was spending the beginning of her election night at home with her parents and partner Clarke Gayeford, eating a dinner of bass fish bites, sausages and buttered bread.

 "We are just at home, watching the results like everybody else. Once we have a bit of a sense of where things are at, I'm going to pop down and say hello to everyone who's waiting for us down at Aotea.

"Until then, heartfelt thanks for all of the people who put faith in Labour and voted for us."