When mall visits go bad: Winston Peters just wanted a handshake

There's nothing worse than that feeling when you go to high-five someone and they leave you hanging, forcing you to awkwardly lower your hand in defeat.

Oh wait, there is something worse. When that happens, except on the campaign trail, in front of rolling television cameras with an election in four days.

NZ First leader Winston Peters was at a mall visit in St Lukes, surrounded by television cameras, all smiles and handshakes for people in the mall.

The cameras were rolling as he strolled past the key cutting place, stopped at Muffin Break and greeted his fans.

When he offered to shake, everyone was at least polite enough to take it. Many were pleased to see him.

Except one.

Winston Peters, the political stalwart, was left hanging, rejected in front of the cameras when he went for a hand shake at Westfield St Lukes.

You'll have to watch the video to appreciate the moment (it's best in slow motion) but it wasn't the only mall gold Mr Peters had in store.

When he paused for a curry and a cola, Mr Peters gave away this pearl of wisdom: "The secret to a long life is Diet Coke."