'Yes we cannabis!' - New Greens election billboard

  • 21/09/2017
'Yes we cannabis!' - New Greens election billboard
Photo credit: Twitter / Julie Anne Genter

The Green Party has erected a new billboard reinforcing their support for full cannabis legalisation.

Greens MP Julie Anne Genter posted a photo of herself to Twitter, standing in front of the new hoarding.

"Yes we cannabis!" the sign reads, adding: "Vote Green".

"Like our billboard?" The MP tweeted.

The party wants to go a step further than just medicinal marijuana use, advocating for personal use to also be legalised - including possession and cultivation - with a legal age limit.

They would establish a licensed, regulated market with a minimum age requirement to be confirmed through the legislative process.

Ms Genter has put forward a bill to legalise medicinal cannabis and allow any person with a terminal illness, chronic or debilitating condition to grow, possess or use cannabis and cannabis products for therapeutic purposes.

"Our outdated drug laws need changed", she said in Parliament in June.

"If we want to minimise the harm associated with drug use we should treat it as a health issue... not a criminal issue."

Read the Green party's drug policy.