NZ Election 2017 special votes: The winners and the losers

A handful of MPs will be tagging in and out of Parliament as the final election results come in.

New MPs have spent just two weeks learning all about the workings of Parliament. That means being shown the actual biscuit tin Bills are pulled from, practising Question Time and discovering secret rooms.

But for two MPs, that could be their only fleeting moment in The Beehive. And for a couple of others, they'll have to go through the same induction alone.

The Greens needed to increase its party vote by just 0.13 percent to gain a seat. It has done that, and Golriz Gharahman will become New Zealand's first refugee MP.

Labour will welcome Angie Warren-Clark of the Bay of Plenty, who was manager of the Tauranga Women's Refuge.

As predicted, National's Wellington Central list candidate Nicola Willis has lost her seat, along with Maureen Pugh.

Special votes have been unkind to Ms Pugh, sending her in and out of Parliament in the 2014 election as well. A former Westland Mayor, Ms Pugh came into Parliament before the special votes were counted in that election. She was booted back out when National lost a seat in the final count.

Ms Pugh then came back into Parliament mid-term, replacing Tim Groser after he left in 2015 to become New Zealand's ambassador to Washington. This time, she'd barely re-entered Parliament when she was booted back out once again.

Time will tell whether she makes it back in mid-term if National Party MPs leave over a deal with Winston Peters or if they end up in Opposition.