James from Tawa in astonishingly efficient 9 in 10 win

A man from the north Wellington township of Tawa has taken out perhaps the fastest 9 in 10 victory in The AM Show's history.

James, a Bunnings Warehouse employee, was tasked with naming nine ball sports in 10 seconds - but he was so proficient he was able to stop with three seconds to spare.

"Rugby, tennis, soccer, futsal, basketball, volleyball, beach volleyball, softball, baseball!" he yelled, before staring blankly into the camera.

James, who was only there because he had been dragged out of bed early by his fiancée, was then forced to wait to find out if he'd been successful as the show went to a commercial break.

When asked how sure he was that he'd won the $10,000 Farmers voucher, James gave host Duncan Garner a mixed response: "I honestly think I've got it... I hope."

After a long analysis of his performance, Garner then notified James that he'd won, cueing fervent celebrations from James and the onlookers scattered around him.

When asked what he would do after winning the voucher, James said he would go and see his fiancée, and then go and purchase some gifts for her.

"She's just taken my son to work, so she's off at the moment but I might go and see her now and tell her the good news," he said.

"I'll probably buy her some presents I think, her and my mum, and then I'll see what's next."


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