Kylie Minogue gives Samantha Hayes dancing tips

She's mastered pop, disco and electronica - now Kylie Minogue is going country.

Just shy of her 50th birthday, the Australian superstar has released her fourteenth studio album Golden, which was recorded in Nashville.

Battling a seven-second broadcast delay which made for some extended silences live on air, Minogue joined The Project live from Berlin.

She says she hopes her new album will touch "country hearts wherever" - despite Australia's deep-rooted love of the genre, she wasn't able to record any music in her home country.

Of her upcoming big birthday, she says she doesn't usually go for lavish celebrations but plans to "make a scene" this year.

"I'm planning a party, which is kind of unusual as I tend to wiggle my way out of these things. I drive my girlfriends crazy."

She says she would "love to" perform at the upcoming royal wedding, having met Prince Harry before.

Guest host Samantha Hayes asked for some dance tips ahead of her own appearance on Dancing with the Stars NZ. Despite Minogue's many impressive music videos, she says she's not the most confident dancer.

"I often will be shown some choreography and immediately say 'no way'. With the 'Dancing' video I was sent four sections of choreography as a video link, and I got straight in touch with the choreographer and said, 'No no no, we're going to have to simplify'."

Minogue says the trick is to go "bit by bit" to let the moves sink in, but reassured Hayes she'd be fine.

"Don't worry about it - five, six, seven, eight and repeat."

Watch the full interview on The Project.

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