Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson raves about kiwi film Breaker Upperers

  • 20/07/2018

Hollywood A-lister Rebel Wilson has taken to Twitter to rave about Kiwi female-led comedy Breaker Upperers, directed and starring Madeline Sami and Jackie Van Beek.

"Hey Aussies, a super cool New Zealand comedy called Breaker Upperers is coming to your cinemas July 27th!" she told her nearly 3 million followers.

"To me, its part Bridesmaids and part Fat Pizza if that makes sense, great girl's night out!"

Wilson featured as a supporting character in the comedy hit Bridesmaids, another film led by a hilarious female cast.

Fat Pizza is an Australian 'slice of life' film about characters at a dodgy suburban Sydney takeaway shop.

Breaker Upperers smashed the local box-office when it opened in New Zealand cinemas, grossing more in its first four days with Kiwi audiences than Bridesmaids did in 2011.

Since its release, the film has pulled in over $1 million in cinemas around Aotearoa.

The film's directors and leads Sami and Van Beek were both stoked with the praise from the Pitch Perfect star.

"Rebel saw our movie and I believe called it SUPER COOL!! Get to the cinema Australia!!" Van Beek tweeted.

Sami kept it short and sweet, retweeting Wilson's tweet with the message: "Omg!!!!!!!!! P.s. I love you Rebel Wilson".

Breaker Upperers has enjoyed critical acclaim worldwide - Netflix recently bought the rights to the film, which will debut on the streaming platform for overseas audiences next year.