YouTube star FaZe Censor dumps model girlfriend Yanet Garcia to focus on Call of Duty

A professional YouTube star has caused waves online by dumping a woman dubbed "the world's sexiest weather girl", so he could focus more on Call of Duty.

Doug 'FaZe' Censor announced his split from three-year girlfriend Yanet Garcia in a lengthy YouTube video simply entitled 'we broke up'.

"For now, like, what I want in my life, at this very moment, is to compete in Call of Duty, because I love it so much," says Censor.

"[To Yanet] I was, like, listen: it's going to be difficult, because I'm playing Call of Duty full-time now. I'm literally sitting here every single night from like 7pm, sometimes to 5am playing Call of Duty".

The pair met after Doug saw Yanet in online videos presenting the weather for a news broadcast in Mexico. After dating for a while, the couple moved in together in a New York apartment.

"Yanet, obviously, is like one of the most beautiful women in the world," says Doug in the video.

"She's a supermodel. She's super, super famous on social media... we had a great time in that apartment for like that year, or year-and-a-half."

The 'we broke up' video on YouTube has amassed over 1.7 million views and nearly 30,000 comments - many of which are uncharitable toward Doug.

"This is the weirdest, most 21st Century story of all time," said Luke6.

"A man dumps easily one of the top 10 hottest women on the planet to play Call of Duty. He must have ligma, there's no other explanation."

On Twitter, Yanet declared herself "heartbroken" on the day Doug announced their break-up. One of her most recent Instagram posts is promoting an upcoming appearance in Maxim Mexico.


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