The Block NZ 2018 winners Amy and Stu reflect on 'strange' finale

Winners of The Block NZ 2018 Amy and Stu joined The AM Show on Monday morning to reflect on their claiming nearly $170,000 as champions.

The Gisborne-based couple agreed there was a "strange atmosphere" during the finale, which lacked the cheerful jubilation other season finales saw.

"I don't even remember it happening, it's all very blurry," said Amy.

"I think when I watch it back on TV I might think, 'Oh, God I didn't look excited at all'. But on the inside I was going berserk."

The AM Show host Duncan Garner said he felt "a bit flat" watching the season finale and asked why Stu and Amy didn't react more to winning. They said they were "processing it".

Mark Richardson, host of The Block NZ and co-host of The AM Show, agreed that there was "a strange atmosphere in the auction room".

He said there was a little bit of disappointment that the contestants weren't making more money off their properties.

"I wanted a happy end for everyone involved," said Mark.

The winning couple said they didn't party hard after their win on Sunday night.

"Yeah nah it was good eh, we got a few hours sleep," Stu said.

"I dragged him home," said Amy.

The couple plan on taking their kids on holiday with some of the $169,500 they won on the show.

Amy and Stu were at the centre of most of this season's drama, causing controversy by being caught cheating and winding up the other teams - but they'd do it all again.

"No regrets. I like making entertainment eh," said Stu.

"I think Kiwis like a little drama when they're watching TV."

The Block NZ will return in 2019.