Kiwi band Broods discuss opening for pop star Taylor Swift

After a one-year-long hiatus Caleb and Georgia Nott of Broods are back in business, and they've hit the big time.

Off the back of releasing their latest single, they were also selected to open for the Australasian leg of Taylor Swift's Reputation Tour.

For a brother-sister duo from New Zealand, a gig like that is kind of a big deal.

"Surreal, it's pretty mental, just the sheer size of the operation," the duo told Newshub.

 The talented pair were handpicked by the pop superstar.

And while they only recently got the call up Taylor Swift has actually been a fan for quite a while.

"She came to a show of ours in LA when we were touring our first album Evergreen, and she just said that she was a huge fan. She's supported our music since the beginning," they said.

Their electro pop tunes have even made a regular appearance on Swift's playlist.

"She was like yeah, every fitting that we did for like a whole year we were listening to the Broods album!" the band said.

It's a huge career boost, but it's been a hustle to get here.

The pair hadn't performed live for about a year and they had just a month-and-a-half to prep.

"We had to throw a show together pretty quickly, but we made it. Yeah I was like s**t ... we need to learn how to play 'Peach' live," they said.

The opportunity couldn't have come at a better time.  After both working on separate projects, the pair released their latest single 'Peach' in August.

With Broods' third album due for release next year support from Swift has been a big help.

"She literally gives us a shout out every night," they said.

So has her massive following.

"We've gained so many fans from this tour," they said.

But the icing on the cake was Georgia was performing 'Shake it Off' alongside the pop star.

"It was just this really surreal moment where it was everything that I thought we would do when I was 15-years-old listening to 'Love Story', for the first time when I was at school," she said.

"I was just like oh my god."

They'll do it all again on Friday night at Auckland's Mt Smart Stadium.