Charles 'Wide Neck' McDowell meets his polar opposite - a guy with an extremely skinny neck

Charles Neck McDowell
Photo credit: Escambia County Sheriff's Office

Warning: Some of the links in this story lead to videos containing offensive language.

A man who found fame thanks to a mugshot showing off his extremely wide neck has met up with his polar opposite - a man with an extremely skinny neck.

Charles Dion McDowell was arrested twice in November by Florida police, and faces charges including drug possession, fleeing police and reckless driving.

But what caught the world's attention wasn't his alleged crimes. It was his enormous neck.

The initial Facebook post by the Escambia County Sheriff's Office in Florida was shared hundreds of thousands of times. In the couple of weeks since, McDowell has become a social media star, setting up Instagram and Twitter accounts under the name @damnwideneck and quickly attracting 280,000 followers between the two sites.

His growing notoriety caught the attention of David Samuelson Jr of Flint, Michigan, who's been going under the name @damnlongneck since mid-2018. Samuelson has - as you might have guessed - an extremely long and skinny neck. He also answers to 'Daddy Long Neck'.

"I took selfies in this group and shit, and people were, 'Come on - you look like a Daddy Long Neck,' and shit, so I just took the name," he told YouTube channel Before They Were Famous in August.

Samuelson and McDowell began video-chatting over the internet, taunting each other and promising a face-off in the ring. McDowell - the one with the wide neck - is a well-built man who's currently training to be an MMA fighter. Samuelson on the other hand, well, it's not just his neck that's extremely thin.

Charles McDowell and David Samuelson Jr - Wide Neck and Long Neck.
Charles McDowell and David Samuelson Jr - Wide Neck and Long Neck. Photo credit: Charles McDowell/Instagram

But in a new clip uploaded to McDowell's social media pages, the pair finally come face-to-face - and end up becoming friends.

"Is that f**king Wide Neck?" Samuelson says, emerging from a flax bush and making a sound like a crow.

"Where's that n***a Daddy Long Neck at? I'm about to beat his ass," says McDowell.

But when the pair meet, they shake hands, turn to the camera and declare in unison: "All necks matter."

The remainder of the clip is various shots of the pair playing together in an amusement park - riding swings, going down slides, on a carousel and lighting each other's cigars - while Pharrell's hit 'Happy' plays.

Charles McDowell/Instagram long neck wide neck
Unlikely friends David Samuelson Jr and Charles McDowell, united by their odd necks. Photo credit: Charles McDowell/Instagram

Fans were glad to see the two men get along.

"This is mad wholesome," Instagram follower Makumusic wrote.

"Ya know, I'd love world peace or an end to world hunger or something like that, but this video... this is the necks best thing," @RetroArcadeFire wrote on Twitter.

"Ole boy flipped the hate and jokes around he getting to the money and gone get it! Big ups," another fan wrote on site World Star Hip Hop.

McDowell's going to need the money to pay for lawyers however, with authorities unlikely to drop the charges he's facing just because he "gone get it".