Home Alone scenes recreated by Macaulay Culkin for Christmas commercial

  • 20/12/2018

Home Alone is often touted as one of the best Christmas films ever made.

So, capitalising on the love and nostalgia, Google has brought in Macaulay Culkin to recreate some of the film's iconic scenes for a commercial.

Culkin, now 28 years older than when he starred in the hit film, takes on a similar role in the advert to his character Kevin, indulging in some mischievous activities while his family are gone.

Google's Google Assistant - a personal assistant, Alexa-like product - takes on the part of Culkin's mum and dad.

Throughout the one-minute video, Culkin asks Google Assistant what's in his calendar, to add aftershave to his shopping list, and to remind him to clean the sheets of a bed he had just been jumping on - all within scenes reminiscent of those found in Home Alone.

There is also the famous pizza delivery scene and an appearance by his parents' furnace - something he had been scared by in the original film.

Even the creative attempts by his character to safeguard the house against burglars have been assisted by the company's technology.