Is the New Zealand target in Hitman 2 based on Judith Collins? Social media thinks so

The target of a New Zealand mission in assassin game Hitman 2 may be based on Judith Collins, according to online commenters.

Set in Hawke's Bay, the mission has the player sneak into the home of a character named Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating, before killing her.

Dame Barbara is described as a "New Zealand tycoon and former Minister of Trade and Foreign Affairs".

"She was forced to resign from her position when a charity she represented was accused of funneling donations towards the Dame's own offshore portfolio," says Hitman 2.

"Dame Barbara drew on contacts in the tabloids to shift the blame onto the charity's director, Jacqueline Vicar, destroying her reputation and ensuring that Vicar's death shortly thereafter was perceived as a suicide."

While Ms Collins was never Minister of Trade and Foreign Affairs, she did hold a number of ministerial roles in the National Government, including the portfolios of Corrections, Justice, Police and Ethnic Affairs.

She is currently polling higher than her own party leader, Simon Bridges, as preferred prime minister.

Ms Collins has been at the centre of a number of scandals during her political career - none quite as scandalous as Dame Barbara's, perhaps, but that's not stopping people draw comparisons between the two.

A post on Reddit is entitled "So the latest elusive target in Hitman 2 looks oddly like Judith Collins to me". Commenters on the post discuss differences and similarities between Ms Collins and Dame Barbara.

When approached by Newshub, Ms Collins declined to comment.