Comedian Ivan Aristeguieta returns to New Zealand Comedy Festival after his sold out show last year

A comedian who sold out his debut at last year's New Zealand Comedy Festival is back.

Ivan Aristeguieta's show this year tackles turning 40 and he says getting older is comedy gold.

"Each decade is like a different level of knowledge and experience, like in video games," he told Newshub.

And he says, with age comes wisdom.

"Let's travel through all the cities of Europe with a backpack, I now think about that and I go 'I could have done with a suitcase with wheels'."

The Venezuelan Australian comedic originally performed in Spanish but has now switched to English.

Even if his name is something of a challenge for English speakers.

"You can read it, I don't know if that's helpful," he says.

Ivan Aristeguieta 's show includes pointing out the confusing aspects of English.

Mocking stereotypes like the Latino heartthrob and riffing on cultural differences, such as Australian's aversion to waiting.

"That's why the Kiwis always beat Australia at Rugby," he says.

"That Haka is not for them to show their warrior heritage, it's to waste Australia's time." 

He's quietly confident this year's show will appeal to all.

"I think comedy's about putting the audience to see the world through your eyes and laugh with you and I think I've done it. I've nailed it," he says.

And you don't have to be approaching 40 to enjoy the show.

Catch the Fourth Floor in Auckland on Saturday night.