Game of Thrones: Fans convinced huge new character coming this week

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the most recent episode of Game of Thrones.

Fans are convinced a new dragon could show up in the next episode of Game of Thrones, maybe even more than one.

Last week's episode 'The Last of the Starks' saw Daenerys Targaryen's dragon Rhaegal shot out of the sky by Euron Greyjoy.

That leaves Targaryen with one remaining dragon before the next big battle of the series against Cersei Lannister.

One scene in the trailer for the next episode has fans thinking the show will pull out more dragons at the last minute.

The scene shows Greyjoy looking at the sky smuggly, after his fleet's huge dragon-killing crossbows are loaded.

But his face quickly turns to confusion and fear as a dragon's cry can be heard in the background.   

Greyjoy has already met Targaryen's last remaining dragon, Drogon, after the battle that claimed Rhaegal's life, so fans doubt he would have made that face after seeing Drogon.

A man stares at the sky.
Euron Greyjoy in the trailer. Photo credit: YouTube/Game of Thrones

Two theories have emerged about what he was looking, both of them suggesting he's seen a new dragon.

One suggests Drogon has somehow managed to reproduce. The dragon did disappear for a long time a few seasons ago in Mereen.

On top of this, the twisting rings shown at the start of the show feature a dragon with three smaller ones, which fans have interpreted as Drogon's babies.

If that's the case they could have three teenage dragons in tow, certainly enough to give Greyjoy a bit of a fright.

But some fans have pointed out Drogon's a boy, while others have said the opening title picture of dragons actually refers to Targaryen and her initial three dragons.

It's worth saying that A Song of Ice and Fire author George RR Martin has suggested in other books that dragons can change sex.

The second theory centres around Tyrion Lannister, and the mythical stone dragon underneath Dragonstone.

Fans of the book will know there's long been a theory Tyrion is actually the bastard son of the mad King Aerys Targaryen, due to the kings fascination with his mother Joanna Lannister.

A shot of the trailer lingers on Tyrion, with a stone carving of a dragon in the background, leading fans to believe their theory may be correct.

Melisandre even hinted at a dragon being born out of smoke and salt herself.

"When the red star bleeds and the darkness gathers, Azor Ahai shall be born again amidst smoke and salt to wake dragons out of stone," she said in the book A Dance with Dragons.

But the TV show hasn't really gone too much into King Aerys relationship with Joanna, so fan's aren't exactly convinced.

Whatever happens, it's sure to be big, as actor Emilia Clarke told Jimmy Kimmel it's set to be bigger than the most recent battle episode, 'The Long Night'.

"I mean, four and five and six, they’re all insane, but like ...Find the biggest TV you can," she said.