'You boost morale!': William Waiirua blows judges away with hip-hop routine on Dancing With The Stars NZ

William Waiirua, sporting a funkadelic afro and silk shirt, has once again delivered a performance that has blown the judges of Dancing with the Stars NZ away.

This time it was his "delicious disco dancing" that won them over - although slightly controversially, as the dance was supposed to be a hip-hop routine.

But while each of the judges expressed disappointment that it wasn't quite the style they were expecting, they struggled to find anything else more negative to say.

"You boost morale!" Camilla Sacre-Dallerup yelled, referencing one of Instagram star Waiirua's numerous catchphrases.

Julz Tocker was equally thrilled.

"Watch out, Travolta, because big Willy's in the house, baby!" he exclaimed. "Again you come out here and we see this whole other side to you. I didn't see any hip-hop in there at all, but what I did see was really flippin' awesome disco and hustle and timing.

"It was fun and energetic - and dude, you ticked all the boxes. What I love about it is that you have put in your personality with quality... so we're seeing some quality and not just a joke."

Rachel White was also highly complimentary - but admitted she may have been forced to lower her score because the dance reflected funk more than hip-hop.

"There is no doubt about it, you are an artist. I don't think anyone would be able to stop watching you," she said.

"You bring this incredible, inviting, fresh vibe to this competition... you are a huge asset and it wouldn't be the same without you."

The performance earned Waiirua two 8s and a 9 from the judges, leaving him atop the leaderboard with 25 points.

The next episode of DWTS NZ will air on Monday at 7pm on Three. The full episode can be watched again on ThreeNow.


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