The Rock's Bryce Casey raises over $366k for mental health with 58 hour bowling marathon

This article discusses suicide and mental health.

The Rock's Morning Rumble team has confirmed the "phenomenal" amount of money raised by Bryce Casey's 'Spare Change' bowling marathon for mental health.

Casey bowled for 58 hours straight, one minute for every Kiwi who tried or succeeded in taking their life in 2018, and raised $366,602 for Mike King's I AM HOPE foundation in the process.

"It equals approximately 2,865 counselling sessions," Casey said of the final total this week.

It was the broadcaster's third time taking on the challenge, having first attempted the world record-breaking feat in 2004, before finally succeeding ten years later.

This time around, the total number came from $99,945 via text donations, $20,424 donated in cash at Pins Lincoln bowling alley and a whopping $246,233 through the cause's Give A Little page.

"That's a mind-blowing amount," Rock host Roger Farrelly told his co-host Casey. "You must be so proud about that."

"We all should be absolutely proud," Casey replied.

"Really proud. It's a phenomenal amount of money, phenomenal amount of counselling sessions is what it is. It's help for people that need it, that can't afford it.

"It also shows how important this topic [mental health] is," he continued. 

"It's one in four of us that are battling, and we've all lost somebody, or know somebody that has. It's great recognition for any lives lost, to try and make sure we continue to improve that statistic."

Casey finished the announcement with a message to any Rock listeners that might be struggling with their mental health.

"We've said it before, and it's important to say again, at any point: on behalf of The Rumble, we want to always let you know that absolutely you'd be missed, we love you, and keep on pushing through."


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