'I have a few favourite Kiwis': Tove Lo talks famous Kiwi connections, Sunshine Kitty and Kylie Minogue

Rolling Stone labelled Tove Lo as "Sweden's darkest pop export" after her hit track 'Stay High' propelled her to international fame back in 2013.

And now Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, AKA Tove Lo, is back with new music following a string of successful collaborations with Coldplay, Nick Jonas and Flume. The Stockholm native even had a hand in writing Lorde's hugely popular 'Homemade Dynamite'.

The singer-songwriter's fourth album, Sunshine Kitty, has already hit 100 million streams a mere two weeks after its anticipated release. The electro-pop artist joined The Project from Melbourne on Tuesday to talk Kylie Minogue, new music and her famous Kiwi contacts. 

Described by The Project's Jesse Mulligan as "equal parts heartbreak and stuff you can dance to", Tove Lo continues to showcase her unique brand of pop on her latest project - a brand she affectionately dubs as "the sad banger".

"I really like having contrasts in my music, so the message of the song may be quite dark... but you can still dance your tears away to it. A good, sad banger is my favourite really," she told the show.

And who else would assume the honorary throne of Sad Bangers other than the Aussie Princess of Pop herself, Kylie Mingogue?

"She's the Queen of the Sad Banger," Tove Lo admitted.

As her admiration for Minogue has long been "a big part" of the 31-year-old's life, it's no wonder working alongside the 'Spinning Around' hitmaker was "a bucket list moment".

"It was unreal," Tove Lo said about their acclaimed collab, 'Really Don't Like U' - a relatable bop about betrayal and jealousy after a break-up.

"She killed it and gave it her 'Kylie essence'."

When she's not churning out sad bangers, Tove Lo is fraternising with a handful of her "favourite Kiwis" - including her boyfriend, Charlie, Broods roommate, Caleb Nott and New Zealand's very own music maverick, Lorde. 

"She's one of my favourite Kiwis - and I have a few favourites," Tove Lo said of the Takapuna-born indie-pop export.

She described the experience of working on Lorde's 2017 Melodrama single 'Homemade Dynamite' as "amazing".

"She has such a strong identity... I'd be singing melody ideas and she'd be like, 'I love that chorus melody but let me change these notes so it becomes more me' - and then it's a Lorde melody," Tove Lo explained.

"We had so much fun writing the lyrics together. We're very similar in that we can spend four hours working on the one sentence.

"I loved working with her."

Tove Lo's new album Sunshine Kitty is available now.


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