Snoop Dogg employs full-time 'professional blunt roller'

Snoop Dogg employs someone to follow him around the world rolling joints for him.

Speaking on The Howard Stern Show, the rapper revealed he pays between US$40,000 and US$50,000 a year to the employee to be his blunt roller.

"I don't have time. The motherf**ker rolls them…. That is his j-o-b, his occupation."

"That motherf**ker is like Lurch from the Addams Family." Lurch was a manservant on the television sitcom.

The man's proper title is "professional blunt roller" and he gets several perks along with his pay packet, including free weed and being able to travel around the world with Snoop Dog and his entourage. 

The rapper said he was passionate about employing people who have talents that may benefit him. 

"If you are great at something I need, I am hiring you," he said.

Actor Seth Rogen was also on The Howard Stern Show and said he had personal experience with Snoop Dog's blunt roller. 

"I hung out with him and there is like a guy whose jobs it to roll blunts," he said.

Rogen said he may need to consider employing someone to do a similar job considering the amount of time he spends smoking weed.