Trailer for Kiwi family murder comedy This Town released

The first look at an upcoming New Zealand film described as "a touchingly twisted comedy about love, murder and finding the one" has been revealed.

This Town's trailer starts with a bloke wearing a stripey top and saying "I didn't kill my whole family".

It goes on to show him posing for a photo with his "favourite gun" and revealing he's been acquited of the horrific crime he was accused of, but many people continue to believe him guilty.

That storyline may sound reminiscent of a particularly notorious New Zealand murder case - but the film's production team says it is not based on David Bain.

"This Town is a fictional story and is not based on any true events," a spokesperson told Newshub.

"The film's concept was born from the writer's idea of what it might be like to be charged and then acquitted of a crime whilst living in a small town, and the challenges of living your life under the microscope of your local community."

This Town is written and directed by David White, who also stars in the lead role of Sean. Also in lead roles are screen veterans Robyn Malcolm and Rima Te Wiata along with Toi Whakaari graduate Alice May Connelly.

It was filmed on location in the Hawke's Bay and White says it was "such a pleasure to take all of the cast and crew back to my home town" for the production.

Outrageous Fortune star Malcolm plays an ex-cop turned petting zoo and adventure park owner hellbent on bringing Sean to justice, convinced he's a guilty man walking free.

"This Town is a hilarious and bizarre ride, with a fab twist and loads of heart," Malcolm said.

"I loved playing the role of Pam - she's bonkers, completely her own woman, very serious, obsessed, bull-headed and so much fun. I had to challenge my own vanity which was fun too - no lippy for miles!"

This Town will be released in cinemas on April 30.